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Mailbox Funnies - "Emails Plus Comments" Edition

Reported by Nancy - December 7, 2005 -

It's been nearly a month since the last time I posted a similar collection. A new development has reared its ugly head: people are now posting comments, on our threads, that are intended for other people or groups..If they thought that was a clever way to avoid being mocked into the "Mailbox Funnies" thread, have I got a surprise for them. This time around, I'm including comments as well as emails. As usual, identifying info has been deleted to protect the ignorant. Enjoy!


Comments: [posted on a thread about Terrell Owens]
Im still with you Terrell!!! Philly doesnt deserve your great talents. They will not win any more games this year. You are still tops of their stats and you haven't played in a few games, what does that say for the rest of the team; they dont compare to you. And you Donovan, where's your leadership? I would hate to be on your team and counted on you for any type of guidance. take out your braids!!! Watch next year with terrell on another team flying into the end zone.

Comments: [posted on a thread about a JCWatts appearance on FOX News]
I always agreed with most of the your points in your arguments. Today around 4:30 you were on Fox. Defending our troops you were great. Please support them, whenever you can.It is too bad, I can't vote for you. I would. But I am in Indiana.Best regards and keep up the good work.Istvan Kerekes

Subject: (no subject)
My name is *** ***.  I have a story about women being scammed when they take their cars in for an oil change. (I know this also happens to men but mostly they target unknowing women.)  I went to "the oil drop at super sonic" on *** Street and off of I-*** on Saturday November 11, 2005.  I was dropping off my 2002 Chevy Suburban for an oil change and then a car wash while  I went with a friend shopping at *** *** mall.  While I was waiting to be picked up by my friend one of the mechanics told me my rear end, or rear differential,  needed an oil change as well.  I was a little suspicious but after they assured me it really needed to be done and at only a small price more I said, "ok do it".  10 days later I am driving home after picking up my 4 year old son from preschool when my car starts making a terrible,  grinding, metal on metal, screeching sound every time I push on the gas petal.  Luckily, I was going down hill so I coasted to the next neighborhood and rolled to a stop.  It had to be towed to a transmission shop, we took it to *** transmissions.  *** confirmed it was my rear differential that burned up and it was due to lack of oil.  We keep our cars in the garage and there is no evidence of a oil leak anywhere.  But the most infuriating thing is I now know you never have to change your rear end oil because it is synthetic oil and will last up to 200,000 miles.  So, they sold me something I never needed in the first place, then they didn't re-fill what they flushed out causing my car to stall, stranding me and my young son on the side of the road on a cold winter, and its going to cost me close to $1500.00 to fix my car and I am without my family vehicle!  I am so tired of needed an Associates degree in auto mechanics just to make sure you don't get taken advantage of when you go get a simple oil change. And I do not believe I am the only one this happens to.

Subject: Handcuffed 13 yr old
Speaking  of  handcuffing, I am a  realtor and live in a community which will not devulge any HOA  information, finally I was told to go the the HOA  attornys office to view the consent forms that illegally took away our FEE  simple ownership of  our Townhome roofs and the attorney saw I was  finding out it was bogus  signatures and asked me to leave, and had me arrested and booked by the  *** Police without  finding out I had a court paper as well as 5 letters  telling me i could view the paperwork by this same attorney who we pay monthly  who had me ARRESTED for viewing  PUBLICE information, The police refused to read me my rights, and refused  to let me call my attorney while i was IN an attorneys office.as well as at the police  station. They arrested me  for  tresspassing. when the rules of  720.303  states  you cannot  refuse a Homeowner less than 8hrs per  month to view Documetns.
*** ***

Comments: [posted an on old Dayside thread]
What happened to Linda Vester?

Subject: TRAITOR
She is planning another treasonous act this coming spring.   We shall not allow her to commit an act of treason in another time and another place. America shall remain strong and free
An American
[note: "she" was not identified, but a photo was attached of an unidentified woman standing alone with a sign saying "Jane Fonda is a traitor"]

Subject: For Bill O'Reilly
   I love your show! However the reason I am writing is because I live in a small town and things here are changing too. When I heard about stores now allowing their employees so wish customers a Merry Christmas I think it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I write for a small town news paper and I decided it was time to do an editorial and take a stand. I can only home that more of us conservative people and Christians will finally take a stand and not allow the minority to rule any longer.
*** ***
PS My article is attached.

Comments: [posted on an older FNL thread]
Dear Bill Hemmer
Two questions for you.
(1) Will Janet Dean have a turkey meal at her friends firehouse???
(2) Where is Laurie Dheu ???
Thank you for the reply.
I am *** ***
Cheshire Ct

Subject: email address
Please give me the E- Mail Address for GRETA VON SUSTEREN
*** ***
[street address, but no city, state or zip code]
(***) ***-****

Comments: [posted on an old FNL thread that had nothing to do with Joe Montana]
I need the .com adress which Joe Montana was in to promote , it was blood pressure.com or lower your bp.com, anyway I didn't write it down, would you please e-mail me the correct adress.