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The drumbeat of war - the beat goes on

Reported by Chrish - December 5, 2005

I can't help but notice the similarities between FOX's bogus War on Christmas and the Bush administraton's War in Iraq. Let's look at the similarities.

1. A vague enemy.
In 2002 it was terrorism, WMDs, and Saddam Hussein's alleged role in bringing the two together to attack and kill Americans..

Now we have secular progressives, Happy Holidays, and major retailers colluding to infringe on the First Amendment rights of Christians to celebrate their most blessed holy day (or as the big BORe called it, "the big commercial holiday").

2. A catchy title
2002 - War on Terror

Now - War on Christmas

3. A phantom danger
In 2002 Saddam Hussein posed no danger to America or our allies.

Now, retailers greeting with the all-inclusive "Happy Holidays" do not threaten the real meaning of Christmas.

4. A flexing of muscle and abuse of power
In 2002 the Bush administration promised an invasion to produce "shock and awe", boasting of US military might and capabilities.

Now the Fox News Channel abuses its platform to let the world know that Christians rule the US, democracy be damned, and other religions are to be submissive.

5. Reinforcement by multiple "credible sources"
In 2002, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell were all over the media with ominous warnings of the danger posed by Iraq.

Now we have Gibson, Hannity, the Grinch himself O'Reilly, and a slate of right-wing guests all over Fox with ominous warnings of the dangers presented by progressive secularists.

6. A copy-cat media unconcerned with truth or consequences picks up the battle cry
In 2002 we had the infamous Judith Miller transcribing White House talking points for the New York Times, lending its credibility to the case for war.

Now MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has bought the FOX myth hook, line and sinker, and brought it to his viewers who thought they were too smart for FOX.

7. Mission Accomplished
In 2003 Bush declared major combat operations over and the Hussein government toppled. Mission creep over the intervening two years has shown the mission, far from over, has never been honestly defined.

Now we have O'Reilly declaring Christmas saved and stores and towns capitulating. The mission creep cometh - the real objective of this war is to codify Christianity into American town squares.

8. Losing hearts and minds
Our continued presence in Iraq with no discernible benefits to the population (STILL no water, electricity, security) has turned Iraqis glad to be rid of Hussein against us. 80% want us out of there.

The paranoids at FOX have simply lost their minds.

9. Tremendous waste of assets and opportunity
The invasion and occupation of Iraq has cost over 2,100 young Americans their lives, and tens of thousands their limbs and peace of mind. It has cost tens of thousands of Iraqis their lives, many of them innocent civilians, women and children and old people. Hundreds of thousands have been wounded and/or psychologically scarred for life. Goodwill towards the US, at an all-time high after the grievous attacks of September 11, is gone, replaced by disgust and distrust. The surplus left us by the Clinton administration is long gone and in its place we have fiscal ruin and debt for generations to come to pay.

This holiday season has been marred by the whining and accusations from FOX. What should be a period of joy, goodwill, love and warmth has been turned into a hostile battle over semantics and a vulgar display of religious exclusiivity. The FOX faces could have been gracious to ALL their viewers but no, they had Gibson's stupid book to promote and the Republican base to pander to.

10. Bad for America
The unnecessary and costly war in Iraq has exposed and exacerbated divisions in this country that will not heal with the current leadership. In fact, there are many who have no desire to heal and re-unite, instead suggesting that their ideologically opposed fellow citizens leave the country. Accusations of treason and non-patriotism fly. There is political and religious distrust, class warfare, and open contempt for one another.

FOX is doing its part to foment the disunity. For all its flag-waving graphics and reverential tone about the war and government, they are really causing unnecessary and harmful rifts in the United States. Maybe that's their Australian owner's intent...divide and conquer. Wherever it's coming from, they would do well to search their hearts this season and consider the effects of what they do for a paycheck.

This season is a particularly good time for self-proclaimed Christians to ask themselves, "What WOULD Jesus do?"

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