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Bill O'Reilly Declares Victory for Christmas - Airs Ad for Macy's as Proof

Reported by Marie Therese - December 5, 2005

On Friday December 2, 2005, during his Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly said: "Some big wins for Christmas. ... The yule-tide has turned, ladies and gentlemen. The anti-Christmas forces are retreating all over the USA." He then offered up five victories as proof that the campaign by the Christian majority to defend its sacred midwinter celebration is succeeding. To whit: Wichita, Kansas has decided to change the name of its "Community Tree" to "Christmas Tree," thereby excluding, we assume, all those members of their city who are not Christian. Ah, yes, a real BIG win for the Christians. I can see it now. Jesus is dancing for joy up in heaven, oh so proud of a city that - in his name - has decided that the word "Christmas" is more important than Community.

O'REILLY: "In Deerfield, New Hampshire, some cops and firefighters say they're puttin' up the nativity scene on the town green. And you can talk to them, if you don't like it."

COMMENT: Guess these guys figure, since they are the law and wear the guns, nobody will dare to take it down. I wonder how they'd react if the Tibetans erected a rotund smiling Buddha right next to the creche? Or the Jews installed a life-sized depiction of the Angel and the Oil Lamp?

O'REILLY: "Walgreen's now says it made a mistake eliminating Christmas from its advertising this year and next year Christmas will be back. Lowe's home improvement centers now say now say they are selling Christmas trees, not holiday trees."

COMMENT: Lowe's online home page is all "holiday" so it would seem O'Reilly scored a "pyrrhic victory"

O'REILLY: "And the biggest victory of all - Macy's last year wouldn't advertise using Christmas. This year - well, here's the spot:

VIDEO clip of Macy's ad: (Song: "The Man with the Bag" words and music by Stanley, Taylor and Brooks, sung by Kay Starr )

Old Mr. Kringle is soon gonna jingle
The bells that'll tingle
All your troubles away.
Everybody's waitin' for the man with the bag
'Cause Christmas is comin' again!
He's got a sleigh full
It's not gonna stay full
He's got stuff to drop at every stop of the way.
Everybody's waitin' for the man with the bag.
Christmas is here again! END CLIP

COMMENT: Wonder if Macy's actually PAID for this ad? Or was there a little quid pro quo going on here? The ad depicts a bunch of androgynous men and women dancing, jumping and skating, dressed in red and white. All very Christian, indeed, right down to the color red for martyrdom and white for innocence. As for Kris Kringle, well, my devoutly Catholic mother told me that he's got nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas.

O'REILLY: "Christmas is here again, at Macy's. Predictably, the opponents of public displays of Christmas continue to put forth counter-arguments. On "Secular Central" - I mean, "Comedy Central" - they said this:

VIDEO CLIP OF Samantha Bee of "The Daily Show" standing in front of a December calendar:

BEE: "Christmas. It's the only religious holiday that's also a federal holiday. That way, Christians can go to their services and everyone else can stay home and reflect on the true meaning of separation of church and state." Lots of loud laughter. END CLIP

O'REILLY: "And a Merry Christmas to you, Jon Stewart!"

COMMENT: Jon Stewart, Bill O'Reilly knows full well, is Jewish. The proper greeting for a Jewish person is either "Happy Chanukkah" or "Seasons Greetings" or "Happy Holidays." But, then what can you expect from a kid from the slums of Westbury-Leavittown? Pity the poor guy! He probably doesn't even know which fork to use for salad! Either that or O'Reilly was deliberately trying to insult Stewart's religion.

O'REILLY: As I said in my newspaper column this week, three wise men once showed up to honor the Baby Jesus way back when and if corporate executives are not "wise" enough to emulate that, well, those of us who respect Christmas might look elsewhere. But the news is mostly good and later in the broadcast we have an angry comedian [Jackie Mason] who's picking up the Christmas banner, even though he's Jewish. ... Talking Points is proud to be a part of the pro-Christmas movement. And things are moving our way. But eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and over the next three weeks we will be vigilant on this subject. Trust me."

COMMENT: Surely Bill misspoke at the end of his Memo. What he actually meant to say is "over the next three weeks we will be virulent on this subject."

As I wrote last year at this time, Bill O'Reilly is just the updated face of the anti-semitism of Henry Ford and the John Birch Society.

UPDATE: 12-07-05 7:21 AM EST

The clip that O'Reilly aired from the Daily Show is actually from a show that aired A YEAR AGO!! O'Reilly did not bother to let his viewers know this, preferring them to believe that the show aired concurrently with the Macy's ad.

Source: Media Matters

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