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Let Us Pray That A Muslim Family Moves Next Door To Sean Hannity, Builds A Mosque With Tall Minarets That Tower Over His Swimming Pool And Hires A Muezzin To Broadcast The Call To Prayer Five Times A Day

Reported by Ellen - December 1, 2005

Last night on Hannity & Colmes, FOX News trotted out their latest poster family as part of their crusade to cram Christianity down everyone's throats while pretending people are trying to rob them of it.

A gloating Hannity (still high off the president's "victory" in Iraq, no doubt) opened the segment by saying "Baby Jesus will sleep soundly outside of one Detroit home" because a homeowners' association has backed off its claim that a family's Christmas display has violated its covenants. Interestingly, the introduction comes almost word for word from a newspaper report in The Detroit News.

The fact that the family in question is Iraqi must have been icing on the cake. Hannity said he hoped they were happy about what's happening in Iraq but Mom Betty didn't say.

Though Alan Colmes later pointed out that the homeowners' association backed off its demand and admitted it had made a mistake, Hannity omitted any mention of that in order to press his case for martyrdom. "This is part of this larger assault, I believe, on Christmas."

That prompted Betty into an emotional recitation about getting a letter from the HOA and asking herself "How can I take down Jesus and Mary?" Meanwhile, the camera showed a HUGE display (described by the Detroit News as 14 pieces) with at least one piece that looked two stories high.

Don't get me wrong: I'm all for nativity displays for anyone who wants one. But I could see why a homeowners' association might have a concern - something "fair and balanced" FOX News didn't bother to consider.

Waving his pencil and donning his expression of utmost concern and sympathy, Hannity asked Betty, "You're living in a place where you think you have religious freedom... you play by the rules... and then you're told you can't put this up... Do you think it's an assault on Christianity, on Christmas?""

She said she didn't know.

Dad Frank, however, picked up the cue. He thought the HOA letter was no mistake and, as a FOX News bonus, added that he worries about what's going to happen next year and elsewhere.

I do, too, but for different reasons.

So that Muslim family that should move next door to Hannity? I hope they're black.

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