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"I'm gonna bring those people down!" - Bill O'Reilly Spits Nails on the Radio Factor

Reported by Marie Therese - December 1, 2005

Bill O'Reilly practically melted down Tuesday [11-29-05] on the Radio Factor. He ranted, "You just can't accuse Bush and Cheney of lying purposely to get people killed because they wanted Halliburton to make money. You can't do that unless you have proof. Once you start down that defamation lane, then you have to be held accountable for what you say! ... I'm talking about blatant propaganda spit out there on a daily basis by hateful liars, picked up by the mainstream media and rammed down the public's throat. That's what I'm talking about and you know who I'm talkin' about, too! You know the newspapers that do it. You know the radio people that do it. You know the TV people that do it and you should be as angry about it as I am!! It's dishonest. It hurts the country and I'm gonna bring those people down!! (louder) Mark my words! I'm gonna bring them down, because nobody else will!! I'm gonna do it.!!"

"That's what I was talking about last night in the [Talking Points Memo] 'The Coalition of the Willing.' We're gonna go after those people where they live. If mainstream media continues to run out this slander and run out this defamation, (loudly) I'm gonna name the name, put their face on television and tell you about it on the radio!! So you walk away from them so they fail in the marketplace!! Enough's enough!!"

"We've got people with lives on the line. We got people wantin' to kill us where we live! And we got to put up with this kind of crap on the internet, funded by George Soros!! NOT GONNA HAPPEN! No Spin Zone!"

Feeling the pressure, are we, Bill?

Well, at least O'Reilly has moved his paltry little list of smear merchants to the front page of his BillOReilly.com website. A few days ago I reported that it took me a long time to find it. Now it's really easy. Still has only the same three media outlets listed.

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