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Bad Black Men, Bad White Girls, the Assault on Christmas, World War III And Insults for the Viewers

Reported by Marie Therese - December 1, 2005

Happy Holidays from the King of Mean! Bill O'Reilly used Tuesday's Factor to bash Harry Belafonte, advocate prosecution of a 14-year-old girl (even if it means going easy on a double murderer), dish the dirt with Geraldo on the seamy, secret life of a murdered dancer, crow about a few pathetic "victories" in his war on Christmas, slime high-profile, anti-death penalty activists, issue dire warnings about the advent of World War III at the hands of swarthy, bearded Islamofascists and make fun of people who were stupid enough to write to him with an opposing view. On the whole, just another dreary day at FOX News Central with Bill and the gang.

Talking Points Memo

Bill has apparently uncovered a secret pattern in all the nefarious assaults on Christmas - they are being perpetrated by a "mysterious someone" who hops from town to town secretly changing the word "Christmas" to "Holiday." Bill appears to have developed a classic example of paranoia run rampant on a field of anger and fear.

O'REILLY: But now the backlash has begun. The Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has directed that the decorated tree in front of the Capitol be called a Christmas tree. Someone, and that person remains elusive, changed the name to the holiday tree. Hastert has now changed it back.

In Boston, someone - and that person remains elusive - do you sense a pattern here - ordered the traditional Christmas tree on the common to be called the holiday tree. But Boston Mayor Tom Menino says no, it will be called a Christmas tree, the way it's always been called a Christmas tree.

In Encinitas, California, north of San Diego, the traditional Christmas parade was changed to a holiday parade. Again, nobody will say who did that. But Encinitas Mayor Dan Dalager has changed it back to the Christmas parade.

O'REILLY: In response, the Leucadia town council, the Bernese Mountain [Dog] Club, the Girl Scouts Co-service unit and one Jewish congregation say they will boycott the Christmas parade in Encinitas because they are offended by the word `Christmas'. And I don't know about you, but I will miss the Bernese Dog Club.

COMMENT: Guess that means O'Reilly won't miss the Girl Scouts, the Jews or the town council of Leucadia. May the Goddess bless the Girl Scouts - they continue to impress me with their sensitivity and lack of fear! As for the Bernese Mountain Dog Association - I met my first and only Mountain Dog last month in my vet's office. A very big, very friendly giant of a dog who had been rescued from an abusive situation by this wonderful Swiss woman. I'm glad someone cares about them, since Bill doesn't. And, finally, mazel tov to the Jewish Congregation and the Leucadia town council for boycotting the parade!

If you would like to let the City of Encinitas know what you think, click here.

Top Story
Bill coyly asked "Are we overdoing this Christmas deal?" then duked it out with two guests who did not share his views on the subject: Ellis Henican who writes for Newsday and is a regular FOX News Analyst and Lori Litman-Brown, director of the Secular Coalition. FOX News has the transcript and video. Henican and Litman-Brown gave as good as they got.

Impact Segment
O'Reilly engaged in a scurrilous and completely unwarranted attack on the AARP because it has made singer-activist Harry Belafonte its Person of the Year. He was joined in his screed by baby-faced Peter Ferrara, a conservative falsely labeled by O'Reilly as "non-partisan."

Ferrara is employed as a senior policy analyst by the Institute for Policy Innovation, a group that supports privatization of social security and prevention of municipal broadband. IPI also opposes the idea of "Open Source" software. Mr. Ferrara's specialty is Social Security reform. He sits on the Board of Directors of and is legal counsel for Grover Norquist's notorious Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). Liberal blogger Mark Schmitt has posted that Ferrara may be linked to the Jack Abramoff scandal. Of course, FOX viewers were not informed of any of these facts about Ferrara's background.

The two men spent four minutes trashing the AARP as a hotbed of liberal ideas and Belafonte as a colossal ingrate who hates America.

In a typical hyperbolic moment, O'Reilly said: "We know they're a left-wing organization, but they have a stranglehold on millions of Americans - seniors - who aren't liberal, who aren't radical and I don't understand Harry Belafonte. I'm not gettin' Harry Belafonte here. When I saw that, I went 'whoa., whoa.' I mean, they - now it looks like AARP has come out of the closet. It's basically saying: This is who we are. We're a far-left group and we don't care who knows it. I think that's what this is. ... I'm still not getting why the AARP would risk a lot of money, 'cause a lot of people are gonna cancel. They are. I mean, this is pretty much the last straw. And why they would risk it for Harry Belafonte?"

Ferrara ended the segment on a really classy note by saying that Harry Belafonte is an "extremist nut case." Even O'Reilly wouldn't go along with that one, preferring instead to label him as "a committed anti-American person."

COMMENT: Harry Belafonte has more talent in his big toe than O'Reilly has in his whole body. Bill's just jealous. He threw a hissy fit last December when the AARP refused to promote his new kids' book.

He stated in a 12/8/04 Talking Points Memo, "A few months ago, we were finalizing the marketing plan for "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids" book. And I told a publisher to pitch me to the AARP magazine, thinking the kids book would be interesting to grandparents looking out for their grandkids. But the magazine wasn't interested at all. OK, that sometimes happens. But then I started researching the magazine and found the cover stories were all about left-wingers. Kevin Spacey, Cybil Shepard, Danny Glover, Billy Crystal, Lauren Hutton, Jack Nicholson, Steven Spielberg. In fact, I couldn't find one article on a conservative or even a traditionalist in the AARP magazine -- not one."

Of course, this turned out to be a bald-faced lie, as I demonstrated in my post dated 12/9/04.

Unresolved Problem Segment: Sparing a gang leader's life
O'Reilly discussed the "Stanley "Tookie" Williams case with Joe Hicks, Vice President of Community Advocates, a civil rights advocacy group located in Los Angeles.

In 1979 Williams, one of the original founders of the notorious Crips gang, was convicted of four counts of murder and has been on death row since then. He has always maintained his innocence and is scheduled for execution at San Quentin Prison on December 13th. Since 1993 he claims to have had a conversion, has written several children's books preaching non-violence and has worked extensively to educate young people about the evils of gang membership.

Williams has also been nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize for his anti-gang work. He has not won. In 2004 he helped to broker a cease-fire in the violent feud between the Bloods and the Crips. A large roster of celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Bonnie Raitt, Mike Ferrell, Danny Glover, Bianca Jagger, Russell Crowe, Anjelica Huston, Tim Robbins, Jesse Jackson, Harry Belafonte and Susan Sarandon have petitioned Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for clemency.

Most of the celebrities working the commutation of Williams' sentence have a life-long commitment to the abolishment of the death penalty. Therefore, they are acting in accordance with their consciences, within the limits of the law and exercising their constitutional right to speak their minds and work for peaceful change.

Factor guest Joe Hicks argued that Stanley Williams does not deserve to have his sentence commuted to life in prison because he is not truly repentant (N.B. Williams has denied he's guilty] and that the people who support clemency are maintaining the view "that blacks in America are victims." O'Reilly agreed with him.

Factor Follow-Up Segment: Borden Murder
Guest: Defense Attorney and FOX News Legal Contributor Arthur Aidala and Bill O'Reilly discussed the tragic murder of Bill and Catheryn Borden allegedly by their underaged daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend, David Ludwig. What struck me about this segment was how much of the it was devoted to the topic of how the prosecutor could "get" 14-year-old Kara Borden, i.e., indict her as an accessory to murder.

Aidala excitedly argued that a good way to do that would be for the prosecutor to take the death penalty off the table for Ludwig in exchange for his turning state's evidence on his teenage girlfriend. As usual, O'Reilly pretended that he was impartial, but, after watching this guy for two years, I know he's just dying to see that little girl hauled into court - even if it meant letting a possible murderer get off without the death penalty.

Personal Story Segment: Dancer Found Murdered
A beautiful, talented young woman, Catherine Woods, is dead, savagely murdered by a deranged lunatic. Geraldo Rivera and Bill O'Reilly discussed the case and offered a final cautioning word to all the sweet young things who want to come to the Big Apple to find fame and fortune.

However, the idea that a five-times married libertine and a pudgy-faced middle-aged man with questionable fantasies would dare to offer sage and stern advice to impressionable young women left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Back of the Book Segment: Are We In World War III?
[Published as a separate post under the title "PNAC Founder Frank Gaffney Advocated Taking Out Al Jazeera in 2003"]

The Mail
O'Reilly insulted several people who dared to differ with his perspective.

Marie Williams: "Not a premium member so I guess I can't email Bill. Just voted to not shop where they don't say Merry Christmas and that includes Bill's shop which he calls the 'holiday store.'"

O'REILLY: "You need to get a clue, Ms. Williams. Please. I'm beggin' ya'. Anyone can email The Factor. And we call it the Christmas/Holiday store. Over. And over. And over. Pay attention, Madam, or I might have to come by."

Marcelle Languedoc: "I intend to shop at whatever store has the lowest prices. I'm an athiest so Merry Christmas means nothing to me."

O'REILLY: "So, why are you shopping, Marcelle? (jabs finger at camera) GOTCHA!!"

COMMENT: Bill, maybe she has Christian friends and family for whom she buys gifts? Or maybe she shops for herself? Duh!

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