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New War - this one on illegal immigration

Reported by Chrish - November 30, 2005

The Big Story wasted no time hitting the talking points recommended by Republican pollster Whit Ayres on
Fox News Sunday
. Today 11/29/05 guest host David Asman went immediately to the photo op and speech Bush made today at the Mexican border. (If you'll recall, that was #4, changing the "sense that the border is out of control".)

"Armed with new proposals on the war on illegal immigration", Bush "repeated his call for comprehensive legislation next year which would combine stepped up enforcement with a guest-worker program that provides no amnesty for lawbreakers."

A four minute segment followed with guests John Trasvina of MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund) and Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies. Essentially Trasvina said it was a part of a plan and Krikorian said it was a repackaging of the same bad plan of two years ago.

Asman was blatantly not interested in having his guests debate either the issues of immigration and border enforcement or the efficacy of Bush's proposals of today. He only wanted to know if the proposal was a good move politically for Bush: "The political irony is that this is what [Bush] was supposed to do to solidify his base, which has been slipping...You more represent his base than John does, politically speaking, and you don't like the plan but John does." Krikorian answers that it just goes to show that this issue cuts across ideology etc. Asman comes back with "But Mark, to the political point if you can, just keeping on politics now, do you think it was a dumb idea as a way to solidify his base, to come out with this plan?" Krikorian replies that he believes Bush is morally committed to "amnestying" illegals, and personally insists on it over objections of political operatives. Asman runs with that and asks Trasvina if that is the case, do you respect Bush's acting on conviction? Trasvina replies that it is not a matter of respecting Bush or not, and Asman say "but that's what I'm asking you - play with me here! Do you respect him for doing something that might be going against political common sense? " Trasvina repeats that it's not a matter of respecting Bush, it's a matter of coming up with a policy that's good for America and good in the national interest.

Comment: This further reinforces the view that these talking points are political moves only, not sincere policy-making. It's what's good for Bush and party, not the country.

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