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It's Been Six Weeks - Time To Bash Louis Farrakhan Again!

Reported by Ellen - November 30, 2005

After a six-week hiatus, it was time last night to dust off the Hannity & Colmes uber villain, Louis Farrakhan. Maybe I'm missing something but I can't fathom why a relatively marginal figure like Farrakhan and the likewise out-of-the-mainstream Nation of Islam get so much coverage - way more than Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Last night's discussion was about a crime that looked like it might have been committed by the Nation of Islam but wasn't. Nevertheless, both hosts jumped on the NOI spokesman for not condemning it enough.

The guest, Quanell X, told Sean Hannity that while the NOI does not support the breaking of any laws, he also said that because of the Muslim community's religious beliefs, he understood the motivation behind the crime -vandalism and arson of an inner-city liquor store and the kidnapping of its owner.

Mr. X's position seemed pretty clear to me but Hannity kept pushing him to say that he endorsed the crime. "Are you saying that it's this a good thing, it's a justifiable thing, that it's a good message to send?"

Alan Colmes, sounding more riled than he often does when facing more powerful opponents, told Quanell, "It sounds like you're defending this. That's outrageous."

Quanell reiterated that he was not defending criminal activity but the efforts of Muslims who have worked to clean up the community. What, exactly, did he mean by that? Had the liquor store done something to harm the community other than to sell a product NOI thinks is "destroying the community"? Had the store deliberately located in a particularly devout Muslim section of town? Or were the Muslims trying to force their religious beliefs on a relatively secular neighborhood (not unlike, say, those who insist everybody call a holiday tree a Christmas tree)? We never found out because the only thing the hosts cared about was how much Mr. X would or would not denounce the criminals.

What was the point of this discussion other than to allow the hosts yet another opportunity to go after the Nation of Islam and its head, Louis Farrakhan? I have never been a fan, either, (and still am not) but nearly all the spokespeople have displayed such good manners and courtesy that they're beginning to look more and more sympathetic.

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