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Dance of the Conservative Ice Maidens: FOX's Dagen McDowell Tells Ann Coulter to "Cut Him Off!"

Reported by Marie Therese - November 30, 2005

In a heated exchange during the 11-25-05 airing of "Your World with Neil Cavtuo," Republican apologist and liberal-hater Ann Coulter went toe to toe with political strategist and quasi-Democrat Bob Beckel. The topic was Iraq and its effects on Bush's poll numbers. Coulter spat out GOP bullet points and insults like some kind of human assault weapon - but had curious lapses during which she didn't respond at all. Beckel, on the other hand, resorted to insulting Coulter by bringing up her father and her upper crust education. However, at one point, Beckel's barbs began to hit home and Coulter seemed to be unable to respond.

Enter Fox News Senior Business Analyst Dagen McDowell. The oh-so-sweet southern belle managed to save the day for the besieged and uncharacteristically silent Coulter.

What follows is my own partial transcript with commentary. Unfortunately, the written word cannot capture the intense dislike that exists between Coulter and Beckel, so I would suggest watching the video at the link provided below. As for McDowell, last Friday the FOX viewers were finally able to see that her true allegiance is not to the truth but to the Grand Old Party.

Had this incident occurred on network TV and had the anchor been Katie Couric, you can bet we would have heard the howls of rage emanating from the vast right wing media machine, calling for Ms. Couric's head on a platter. But nary a peep about McDowell stepping way over the impartiality line. Where is Bernard Goldberg, that self-proclaimed afficionado of media "Bias," when you really need him?

Coulter started off the segment by admitting that 2006 is shaping up as "a bad year for Republicans" because "the sixth year election usually goes against the President." She went on to say that the Democrats are calling for withdrawal and bad-mouthing the war "simply in order to demoralize our side and encourage the enemy."

Beckel then noted that the President's ratings are sinking like a stone and that the American public "has turned away from the war." He then told Coulter: "It really is amazing to me that you never let facts get in the way of your thoughts and I appreciate that about you. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats, with the exception of a very few, have not called for withdrawal of these troops. But who's gonna be happy in November? The Democrats certainly will. I think they'll pick up a minimum of ten seats in the house and probably three to four in the Senate." He continued, saying that Democrats and Republicans will join together to force a draw down in Iraq so we "can get back to the war on terror and get out of Iraq."

Dead air. Coulter didn't say anything. Dagen McDowell prompted her by calling her name. Coulter woke up and went on to say Democrats whine that "the war is going badly" but most of them are not for ending the war right now.

BECKEL: You think the war is going well, Ann. Why don't you fill us in on where it's going well. Let's see. There were 54 people killed in the last 24 hours and there were about I think eight American soldiers dead. There's now 2,143 Americans dead. (angry) Come on.

McDOWELL: Alright ..

BECKEL (angrier): Give us a Thanksgiving wish list of what you think is going well.

McDOWELL: You don't have to answer that.

Coulter seemed to have no answer for Beckel.

McDOWELL (rescuing her): There's a lot more that goes into the election besides Iraq, right? What about the economy, Ann?

COULTER (clearly trying to get her bearings): OK. You want to keep us on the elections. I think we could do well in the election (perks up, peppy) because the war is going so well, and the reason the war is going so well (Beckel starts laughing as though he can't believe what he's hearing) is because it is a war, Bob. People are going to die in a war. I know Democrats want to have a completely bloodless war where no one dies, but, you know, we had 600,000 die in the Civil War, 400,000 in World War II, 60,000 in the Vietnam War. Here in this case we have taken a country, dismantled a monstrous dictatorship, whom we know had used weapons of mass destruction and who we knew planned to use weapons of mass destruction again. The Iraqi people have voted twice. We've established democracy. Ghaddafi has given up his arms. This war is going magnificently well ...

BECKEL: Ann ...

COULTER: ... and Democrats carp about every bombing, every death as if, you know, it's a bolt out of the blue, that's there's violence in the Middle East.

BECKEL: It's just amazing the things that you know that 65% of the rest of us don't know. I guess that's your Cornell education ...

COULTER: I don't think it's ...

BECKEL: ... and finishing school in Connecticut. But let me get back to the point about the election ...

COULTER: I don't think your Democrats think that, based on that last vote.

BECKEL: But if I could get back to the election. And we want to talk about war. The war's gonna have a big impact. You know, George Bush ought to be getting more out this economy now than he is, because the economy's doing pretty well by and large and so it'll tell you how big this war's sorta hangs over things from an issue standpoint. And I think there will be benefits for him there. The other thing is frankly there are only but so many marginal seats, because of redistricting so I don't think the Republicans will take a historic beating but they'll be beat pretty badly. Look, the other thing is you've got a President now below 40% favorability and there's very little I can see [that] brings him back up and you've got a Vice-President down in Nixonian territory. He's become more of a joke than a Vice-President, so, you know, right now the Republicans are in trouble but a lot of things can change. And the other thing is, frankly, and let me say this about the Democrats ...

McDOWELL: Alright, Ann, get back in here! (stridently, very loud) CUT HIM OFF!!! Get back in here. (Coulter, who had been just sitting in her chair saying nothing, laughs)

BECKEL: The Democrats are going to have to start saying something about what the alternatives will be.

COULTER: OK. Bob, I just want to say again that you guys keep talking about (shakes her head back and forth) the views of the American people and all these phony polls. The House of Representatives is called the People's House for a reason. They're up for election every two years. They are more in touch with what "the people" think and I'm not gonna let this go after the People's House last Friday voted 403 to 3 against withdrawing the troops, so ...

BECKEL: Let me just ask you ...

COULTER: ... you know, stop telling me what the American people think, when you can't put your money where your mouth is.

BECKEL: Did you get your views - did you get your views about where the average Americans are at the mixed grill at your country club ...

COULTER: No. I wait to see how the House votes.

BECKEL: ... or where did you get that? Was that - or was it your father's labor-busting law firm that you got that information from?

McDOWELL (gives up): Say "Happy Thanksgiving."

COULTER: Happy Thanksgiving, Bob.

BECKEL: Happy Thanksgiving. Peace and good luck.

McDOWELL: Alright. Thanks guys.

To view the video, go to the conservative site, The Political Teen's Video Blog. Be patient. It may take a long time for the site to load.


The most disturbing thing to me was how callously Coulter compared what she clearly believes to be our acceptably low casualty rate in Iraq to other conflicts. She must have ice water in her veins in order to be able to glibly write off death so easily.

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