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Bill O'Reilly Takes Credit for Lower Gas Prices

Reported by Melanie - November 30, 2005

Bill O'Reilly was a guest on Fox's "premiere business news" program, Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (November 30, 2005). O'Reilly was on to reiterate the claim he made Monday night that, "Businesses in America should thank Jesus for being born." After O'Reilly started repeating himself on that topic, Cavuto, apparently feeling O'Reilly had the expertise to comment on it, asked O'Reilly why gas prices are down.

Cavuto: "Gas prices are down a lot. Why do you think that is?"

O'Reilly: "Because they were afraid they were going to jail. They were afraid they were going to get the Enron treatment and those CEO's who manipulated them up..."

Cavuto, interrupting: "Why are you so sure they were manipulated?"

O'Reilly: "Because I have inside guys who tell me that."

Cavuto: "That's the CEO's..."

O'Reilly, interrupting: "Absolutely. I have guys inside the five major oil companies - my father used to work for one of those oil companies by the way - who have told me that in those meetings they looked for every way to jack up oil prices after Katrina, every way, when they didn't have to. They got scared. Because of my reporting and the reporting of some others, they said, ah oh!"

Cavuto: "Wait, wait, wait a minute. You're taking credit for gas prices being down?"

O'Reilly: "My reporting and the reporting of some others. They got scared."

Comment: Yeah right, Bill. We believe this about as much as we believe that France "lost billions of dollars" due to the boycott you advocated in 2003.

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