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Hume Starts the Week With a Bang

Reported by Nancy - November 29, 2005 -

Brit Hume is back as anchor of Special Report, but his week-long vacation doesn't seem to have improved his attitude. Even his opening remarks last night (11/28), where he typically highlights a few of the major stories the program will cover, provided yet another example of a classic Fox tacitc: a teaser for a non-story.

At the top of the program, Hume ended his intro by saying that "a leading Democratic Senator" keeps misquoting Bush -- "wait'll ya hear him defend that."

At 6:17pm (ET) Hume read a teaser" "we'll tell ya what Senator Carl Levin claims President Bush said" & what Bush did say & "what Levin says about THAT."

At 6:20pm Hume introduced a report on this "story" by saying that Levin was on Fox News Sunday & he "was sticking to his guns." Major Garrett reported that the 2 quotations were as follows:

*what Levin said Bush said: "you cannot distinguish between Al Qaeda & Saddam Hussein"

*what Bush actually said: "you cannot distinguish between Al Qaeda & Saddam Hussein ... when you talk about the war on terror"

Garrett then spent the next couple of minutes trying to put the appropriate spin on this, trying to imply that Bush's statment "in context" didn't really mean that, & dragging in things that a variety of other people (including, of course, the Clinton White House) had said about Hussein & Al Qaeda.

Comments: Darn that Carl Levin for quoting Bush correctly! Wait'll ya see the FoxFans try to spin this (using Hume's & Garrett's tactics). It's a non-story -- the plain & simple fact is that Levin quoted Bush correctly, as Garrett's own evidence showed, & no amount of whining about what anyone else said changes that. Devoting 3+ minutes of air time to this on Fox's "premier" political news program was nothing more than an attempt to convince viewers that Levin was somehow in the wrong. "Wait'll ya hear him defend that" -- why shouldn't he defend it? He was correct. Levin "was sticking to his guns" -- as well he should.

If you'd like to complain to Fox about this, email: special@foxnews.com

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (whether Levin did or did not quote Bush correctly, & how Special Report, Major Garrett & Brit Hume tried to spin this). O/T comments will be deleted -- especially any comments that include what anyone else may or may not have said about Hussein, Al Qaeda, or the price of potatoes. Thanks.