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Remember Afghanistan? The News Hounds And Their Readers Do, Looks Like Fox Is Finally Taking Notice

Reported by Donna - November 28, 2005

For quite sometime now News Hounds and our readers and commenters have spoken about taking our eyes off of Aghanistan to start a war with Iraq. For the first time in my recollection, today, Studio B with Shepard Smith finally touched upon this subject. And guess what? It's exactly like we've said and it isn't good news.

Smith spoke with former DEA officer, Robert Strang, who was introduced as a terrorism analyst and the CEO of Investigation Management Group.

And you know what? They said that the Taliban is getting wealthier, more sophisticated in their weaponry and are more dangerous now than they were a year ago.

In this segment Smith and Strang spoke about how the Taliban is copying the tactics of the terrorists in Iraq. Smith said that the attacks in Afghanistan are becoming more sophisticated and they are using more suicide bombers. (Note to Smith - the banner on the bottom of the screen said 'homicide' bombers, didn't he get the memo?) He also said that fighters are coming in from other countries to assist the Taliban.

Strang agreed that what was happening in Iraq was now happening in Afghanistan. Smith interjected that he thought that 98% of all heroin sold thoughout the U.S. came from Afghanistan. Strang said that it was 90 - something percent. Strang stated that the situation is way worse than it was 20 years ago and the money from the poppy sales is staying in Afghanistan and is funding the Taliban so that they can move forward with their terrorist activities.

Strang said that when everyone thought that the Taliban was 'under control' in Afghanistan they were really just lying low and reorganizing. He said that the Taliban was more dangerous today than they were a year ago. He added that the war lords oversaw the poppy fields and Al Qaeda was hibernating with the drug money.

Smith came to the conclusion that if a majority of heroin goes to the U.S., the money then goes to Afghanistan where the war lords, who used to help us, were now financing the terrorists, therefore, anyone buying heroin in the U.S. were supporting terrorism.

Strang agreed with this assessment and said that it is also a case of the DEA not getting assistance from the government, the military or Homeland Security. He said most of the heroin comes in through L.A. and both he and Smith agreed that the government is more concerned with bomb detection (though we know they let most of the port and airplane cargo go through unchecked) and this has taken away from the drug issues. Strang said at the end of the day they're tied together, the drugs and terrorism.

Comment: I was surprised to see this segment on Studio B. However, it may be a case of too little, too late. We here at News Hounds have been saying forever that the Taliban was not gone from Afghanistan, that the Bush administration had taken their eye off of the ball when they went to war with Iraq.

Now we even have Fox recognizing that the Taliban is alive and well, poppy production is way up and the war lords are financing the terrorists with the drug money. This is why we left a skeleton military presence in Afghanistan without finishing the job?

More and more it becomes apparent that this administration did the wrong thing on so many fronts. Now we have a growing problem in Aghanistan and the Bush Administration has no plan for the war in Iraq except for the one he's borrowing from Democrats - a withdrawal starting in 2006. So much for 'we drove the Taliban out of Aghanistan.'

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