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Grapevie Whine - Oh Those Frenchies!

Reported by Nancy - November 24, 2005 -

Brian Wilson is substituting for anchoor Brit Hume this week on Special Report, but the format & coverage of the program remains essentially the same. Wilson, like Hume, does a segment called "The Grapevine" in the middle of the program. Also like Hume, Wilson tries for humor & generally fails, because, like much of the rest of the material on FNC, the content of these little "pickings" is actually an attack on perceived enemies. Here's a recent example in the classic Foxian tradition of France-bashing.

On Monday (11/21) item #2 on the vine was a report that Jean-David Levitte (French ambassador to the US) said that his country was "back to normal" after the recent violence. According to Wilson, Levitte said that "the word "riot" is "a bit too strong" to describe those events, which Wilson described as "unrest that destroyed thousands of cars & left dozens of police officers injured." Levitte also pointed out that the events in France "can't compare with the Los Angeles riots of 1992 that left 55 people dead."

Comments: Well, gee, let's compare:

riots in France
nights: 20 (Oct 27-Nov 16)
deaths: 1
injuries: 126 (police & firefighters)
property damage: 200 million Euros (includes torched cars)
fires set: [n/a]
vehicles torched: 8,973
arrests: 2,888
govt response: curfew, state of emergency

riots in Los Angeles
days: 6 (April 29-May 4)
deaths: 50-60
injuries: 2,000
property damage: $800 million - $1 billion
fires set: 3,600
buildings destroyed: 1,100
arrests: 10,000
govt response: curfew, California National Guard, federal troops

Yeah, I'd agree with Levitte that there's no comparison.

Shouldn't Fox (& all of us) be glad that the violence in France has finally resolved? That things are more or less "back to normal" & that the French government handled it as well as it did?

If you'd like to complain to Fox about this, email: special@foxnews.com

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Fox's penchant for France-bashing). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.