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Why Does FOX News Hate The United States Constitution?

Reported by Ellen - November 23, 2005

The holidays are coming and we News Hounds know what that means: It’s time for FOX News to start their Christmas campaign to roll back the First Amendment. Where else but FOX News could practitioners of a majority religion, which Christianity is, whine about being persecuted and endangered while almost the entire nation prepares to celebrate their biggest holiday of the year? You gotta admire the chutzpah. But you also have to recognize the threat.

Hannity & Colmes kicked off the holiday season with what is sure to be just one of many FOX News segments on “liberals trying to steal Christmas.” It’s a brilliant strategy – one that combines liberal-bashing and promoting Christianity in one fell swoop. What more could Roger Ailes ask for from Santa? Well, maybe a third term for President Bush - but I digress.

Last night’s discussion (11/22/05) was about a Christmas tree that the City of Boston calls a holiday tree. A holiday tree sounds pretty innocuous to me but them’s fighting words for the likes of Hannity. He opened the discussion by asking, "Why has Christmas come under attack in the Bay State? …You can't say Christmas anymore? Is that gonna offend people?”

As “Oh Holiday Tree” appeared scornfully on the screen, attorney Michael Gross, one of the two guests, asked Hannity to please not make light of the issue. He explained that freedom of religion depends on our having a secular government.

Hannity, of course, could have cared less. He snidely joked, "You don't want 'one nation under God' in the pledge, do you? You don't want 'In God We Trust' on coins, do you? Matter of fact, why don't we just go back and strike out of the Declaration 'endowed by our creator', too? Why don't we do that?"

Gross told him, "You must not see this as anti-God or anti-religious. None of the founders felt that." He said that the evangelicals supported the separation of church and state because they knew it protected their religious rights.

The other guest, Mathew Staver, said this "is exactly why" his organization, Liberty Council, launched its "friend or foe Christmas campaign." It just so happens that organization’s website has made a big deal out of the Boston tree issue. Hmm, wonder where H&C got the idea to cover this story.

Alan Colmes asked Staver what's the matter with being as inclusive as possible. Staver said that calling it a holiday tree is "disenfranchising the majority of their community. Most people are outraged, I think."

Comment: Just because Christians are a majority doesn't mean the majority agrees with him. I suspect most people in Boston could care less what the tree is called or else agree with the City’s decision.

Colmes said that the First Amendment and the Bill or Rights are all about protecting the minority from the tyranny of the majority. It was obviously a point lost on Staver who insisted that the city ought to recognize the “multiple aspects of the holiday.” Translation: the city ought to recognize the Christian aspects of the holiday. I wonder how hard Staver would work to ensure that a menorah or a minaret be allowed on government property. His website purports to promote “religious freedom” but a quick look at the site makes it pretty clear that the only religious freedom he’s interested in is the expression of Christianity.

Michael Gross said, "The government is under siege.... When the president nominates his secretary to the Supreme Court of the United States and says, 'Well, she's religious.' We're under siege. It's serious."

Comment: I have yet to see either Hannity or FOX News show any concern for the Constitutional aspects of this issue other than to insist there aren't any. Anyone who feels differently is labeled anti-Christian and un-American. Not only do they want to insert their religion into everyone else's everyday lives, they cry foul if anyone objects.

Hannity ended the segment by saying, “We're under siege by liberals who don't want any mention of God.”

Tell FOX News and Sean Hannity to show some true Christmas spirit and stop their assault on the Constitution.


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