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London Daily Mirror Reports Secret Memo Reveals Bush Wanted to Bomb Al-Jazeera HQ - FOX and Friends Crew Dubious (So What Else Is New?)

Reported by Marie Therese - November 23, 2005

This morning the oh-so-cutesy, oh-so-sleek and bubbly hosts of FOX and Friends - Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and E. D. Hill - announced that the London Daily Mirror has reported that it has obtained a copy of a top secret memo which reveals that President George Bush wanted to bomb al Jazeera in its home country of Qatar.

According to a story published today at Mirror.co.uk the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has issued a gag order on the newspaper, nearly 24 hours after the Mirror "informed Downing Street of its intention to reveal how Tony Blair talked Bush out of attacking satellite station al-Jazeera's HQ in friendly Qatar."

"The five-page memo - stamped 'Top Secret' - records a threat by Bush to unleash 'military action' against the TV station, which America accuses of being a mouthpiece for anti-US sentiment," reports the Mirror. "The memo turned up last year at the Northampton office of then-Labour MP Tony Clarke. ... Civil servant David Keogh, 49, is now accused of passing the memo to Leo O'Connor, who once worked for Mr Clarke. Both Mr Keogh and Mr O'Connor are due to appear in court next week on charges under the Official Secrets Act. Mr Clarke returned the memo to Downing Street."

Naturally, the F&F threesome pooh-poohed the whole idea.

DOOCY: Did Tony Blair and George Bush sit down together back in two thousand - or a couple of years ago - last year, in April 2004 - and talk about taking out. perhaps with a bomb, Al Jazeera, the Arab news network that has not had a flattering portrayal of what the United States and Great Britain and the coalition partners have done in Iraq?

HILL: This is coming from an unnamed source in the Daily Mirror over in Britain.

DOOCY: Um-hmm. Top secret.

HILL: Now, it says that the papers are stamped top secret. The Bush administration says this (reads) "We are not going to dignify something so outlandish with a response." Tony Blair refuses to comment on it. But the whole idea - this is what you'd have to believe: You would have to believe that the President seriously said to Prime Minister Tony Blair, let's go and bomb, not only a news network, but the buildings around it in a country where our troops are stationed and we are on friendly terms with.

KILMEADE: Yeah. So you're not talkin' a bureau. You're talking about their headquarters ...

HILL: Right.

KILMEADE: ... in Doha.

HILL: Right. So really, to suspend your belief to get to this point.

DOOCY: And by the way you're looking at the live pictures, a live feed from Al Jazeera where they are talking about this very story at this minute, apparently, and according to the Daily Mirror, Mr. Blair talked Mr. Bush out of it. Now what's going on, as we continue to look at [clip of live feed from Al Jazeera shows montage of the Daily Mirror website and photos of Bush and Blair] - and this is great ...

HILL: Now, look at that!

DOOCY: I can't read it! Can you?

HILL: Al Jazeera is leading with this.

KILMEADE: This is what's so dangerous. Now, people take this as fact, that they were going to do that, and there were incidents in Afghanistan and in Iraq where their buildings were hit. A journalist was killed in 2003 in Kabul. 2001, same thing. In 2002 the office was destroyed and a lot people will say: "Now it all makes sense!"

DOOCY: But, remember how many times did we even say, look at the stuff that's comin' out of Al Jazeera and it was so inflammatory and so anti-American and, you know, what would happen if they just went off the air? I think we asked that on this program

KILMEADE: But Al Jazeera also had two reporters on Saddam's payroll, too!! Where's the outrage about that? Where was the objective reporting?

HILL: Well, on this story on this story, it comes out of a tabloid. Unnamed source. You know they don't have the document and I can't believe that any news organization is gonna run this as a serious story - and they are.

DOOCY: They're calling for an investigation. They want the transcript released by the British government. And we're gonna find out. And if there is a transcript and if this did take place, we will find out about it eventually.

KILMEADE: Well, it was David Keogh, who passed it on passed it on - he's a civil servant - who passed it on to Leo O'Connor who used to work for Tony Clarke ...

DOOCY: Now this is all alleged.

HILL: Yeah.

KILMEADE: Yeah. I know. Who used to work for Tony Clarke, according to the story, who was voted out of office. And Tony Clarke was a guy in the Labour Party who was very opposed to the war. So, sooner or later they've got to produce the document or this story shoudl go away.

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