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What Planet Are Dick Morris And Sean Hannity On? They Think The Iraq War Is Just Mah-velous Thanks To Our Visionary President, George W. Bush

Reported by Ellen - November 22, 2005

During his appearance last night on Hannity & Colmes (11/21/05), Dick Morris waxed rhapsodically with Sean Hannity about the glories and victories of the Iraq war and George W. Bush. They agreed that it's just a matter of time until Bush is recognized as a great visionary and leader in the establishment of world democracy. I'm surprised they didn't stand up, put their hands over their hearts and sing "God Bless America" right on the air.

Morris told Hannity that the reason he disagress with Congressman John Murtha about pulling the troops out of Iraq is "because we're winning, we're accomplishing our objective and we WILL succeed (his emphasis). These elections... is a tremendously important process. It's a process in which a government is taking hold in a country."

Comment: It didn't seem to bother either Morris or Hannity that the government includes the convicted swindler and supplier of false WMD info, Ahmed Chalabi.

Morris then advanced the bizarre theory that it's good news that the terrorists are killing Shi'a and Sunni equally - because it shows that the terrorists are outcasts in their own community. Morris claimed that government "is increasingly going to isolate the terrorists."

Hannity, channelling Geraldo, added, "The winds of freedom are blowing not just there but in the entire region in a way that we have not seen in our lifetime. There's more hope here..." It's all thanks to President Bush. Hannity asked, "In the prism of history, will we see that George W. Bush was way ahead of his time? Twenty years from now?"

Morris answered that "the true legacy of George Bush twenty years from now" will be global democracy.

Hannity, of course, agreed. He claimed that Bush is looking at the world "through that prism," not paying attention to the polls.

I don't know how Alan Colmes managed to keep a straight face during all that but when it was his turn, he hit Morris with a few hard facts about Bush's sinking poll numbers. "Let's talk about what's happening right now and the fact that the American people are falling off the Bush bandwagon in droves." He read some results from a recent AP/Ipsos poll reporting that 42% think Bush is honest, 57% don't, 47% think he's ethical, 51% disagree.

Morris responded by saying that wars are never popular while they're being fought - World War II was the only one. He told Colmes that the big difference between Iraq and Viet Nam is the Iraqi people. "80-90% of the Iraqi population wants the Baathists out of power and wants a democratic government."

Colmes said that the polls show the Iraqis want us out, that we're viewed as occupiers, not liberators.

"No, we're viewed as the only thing that stands between them and terror bombing... They see us as helping them achieve a democratic government to insulate them from the Baathists... The point is that we are very close to establishing a viable democracy in the Middle East."

Colmes argued that the Sunnis, a third of the country, are not "part of the process."

Oops, time up. But not before Hannity got in a final, stirring thought. "This is bigger than politics. This is life and death. This is civilization as we know it. And sadly, there's a lot of people that don't know it."

Morris said, "It's a major transformation to a consensus for democracy."

Comment: I don't think it will take 20 years to prove them wrong.

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