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Dick Morris Likens Bill Clinton To Jane Fonda

Reported by Ellen - November 22, 2005

Does a day go by that FOX News doesn't seize an opportunity to bash Bill Clinton? I don't think so. Last night's Bill-bash was about his recent statements in Dubai wherein he supposedly called the invasion of Iraq "one big mistake." Hannity & Colmes devoted a double segment to this "news" with its sole guest the very obviously biased Dick Morris. Morris slammed Clinton on The O'Reilly Factor last week, which pretty much obliterates the possibility that anyone at FOX thought he might actually deliver a "fair and balanced" commentary of the sort FOX is always promising.

"What is the difference between what Bill Clinton did and what Jane Fonda did?" Morris asked Alan Colmes.

"Oh, come on," Colmes said. "Did he go sit on a tank? Did he go give aid and comfort to the enemy? ...That's not at all like what Jane Fonda did."

"She went to North Viet Nam... she went to the enemy. He went right near." He also claimed that Clinton sent a message to our troops that they were dying for a mistake.

Comment: I did a lengthy Google search on what Clinton actually said and I'm not sure he really called the invasion "one big mistake." Almost every newspaper online reprints the AP story, which includes the headline "U.S. Made a Big Mistake Invading Iraq." FOXNews.com also has that story posted. But a careful reading of the story indicates that Clinton may not have been saying the entire invasion was a mistake but that a big mistake was made in the course of the invasion. To quote from the FOXNews.com article:

Former President Bill Clinton told Arab students Wednesday the United States made a "big mistake" when it invaded Iraq, stoking the partisan debate back home over the war.

Clinton cited the lack of planning for what would happen after Saddam Hussein was overthrown.

"Saddam is gone. It's a good thing, but I don't agree with what was done," Clinton told students at a forum at the American University of Dubai.

"It was a big mistake. The American government made several errors ... one of which is how easy it would be to get rid of Saddam and how hard it would be to unite the country."

...Clinton said the United States had done some good things in Iraq: the removal of Saddam, the ratification of a new constitution and the holding of parliamentary elections.

"The mistake that they made is that when they kicked out Saddam, they decided to dismantle the whole authority structure of Iraq. ... We never sent enough troops and didn't have enough troops to control or seal the borders," Clinton said.

Does anyone have a transcript of Clinton's actual speech?

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