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"Chicken Little" and Big Bad Oliver North

Reported by Melanie - November 22, 2005

In June of this year, Fox News hired General Wesley Clark as a "Fox News military analyst." Fox's hiring of Clark generated a bit of a buzz in media land. Was Fox actually trying to become more "fair and balanced"? Had Fox got religion?

Since June, Clark has made regular but infrequent appearances on Fox (when compared to say, Oliver North, another "Fox News military analyst"). The most recent appearance by Clark that I've seen was yesterday on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, during which Clark and Cavuto "discussed" issues pertaining to the Iraq war. Cavuto listened patiently at first but by the end of the segment he had interrupted Clark no less than 14 times.

In contrast, Oliver North was a guest on Cavuto's program today (November 22, 2005). Cavuto and North also discussed issues pertaining to the Iraq war but notably, North was able to make his points clearly and without any Cavuto interruptions whatsoever.

Today, in the mail-it-in segment of his program, under a banner that read "Head to Head," Cavuto read eight emails about Clark's appearance. Here they are:

Your interview was the best so far on this guy. You tried to pin him down but he's slippery.

What's going on here? First you have Wesley Clark dumping all over George Bush and his administration, then Bill Press. I would not be surprised to see Michael Moore or even Saddam Hussein.

Cavuto, what the hell has happened to you? Did you hire Howard Dean to do your booking?

Great job in keeping the paper general on the ropes. Kudos.

I think you are very impolite to ask someone a question and not allow him to answer!!! And your mouth is bad.

Stick it to him Neil! I didn't learn anything, but it was fun watching "Chicken Little" run around anyhow.

Thanks for trying to get answers to your questions and for not letting him, or any other guest, for that matter, just feed us their talking points.

Cavuto, you're nothing but a stupid loud mouth. Why do you always interrupt and out shout your guests? And why do you set your microphone at a decibel level above that of your guests? So you can out shout and drown out their answers. The mark of a stupid person is when his opinion is always predictable, like yours.

Comment: Surely Fox News enjoyed the publicity it got in June when it hired Clark. Surely too there are those who heard the news and congratulated Fox for adding a "liberal" voice to its stable of radically conservative ones. However, the reality is that "liberal" Wesley Clark must fight to be heard while someone like Oliver North is shown deference and respect and his hawkish point of view comes through loud and clear. And you can be sure Cavuto won't read six nasty emails about Oliver North during tomorrow's mail-it-in segment.

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