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Is John Gibson A Kook Or Just A Selfish Opportunist?

Reported by Deborah - November 21, 2005

John Gibson actually looked surprised tonight that a viewer, tired of his relentless ravings about Christmas, called him a "kook". Of course, we all know that Gibson is trying to sell his book on this subject and his shameless plugging is certainly an ethical breach but the bigger issue is Gibson's persecution complex. In the past month since 10/30/05, he has delivered nine commentaries on the subject often accusing major businesses of plotting against Christmas. Not only do these attacks seem ridiculous, they have turned out to be untrue making him look really foolish. 11/21/05

On 11/10, Gibson was mad at a Wal Mart customer service rep for using historical references in a letter responding to a complaint about replacing christmas with holiday. Gibson displayed an embarrassing level of ignorance in his criticisms and actually got the poor guy fired which really seemed to please him. Gibson distorted a discussion of the early pre Christian festivals on the winter soltice to make it seem like the guy was "mocking" Christmas.

Then he went after Coca Cola because this year they took Santa off their cans. The next night he reported that Coca Cola was keeping Santa in all their ads but taking him off the cans. Gibson still wasn't convinced that Coca Cola wasn't part of the creeping secular hoards. He should have been embarrassed by now but he continued.

Sears got it next because not only does their catalog say "holiday" but it has a children's story with a "wishes tree" which Gibson insisted was a secularized Christmas Tree. Turns out the story is a series in all the catalogs and the tree is used for every season. Gibson didn't even blush at this gaffe.

comment: When Gibson started his book plugging obsession about Christmas, I decided that it was probably best to ignore it since the topic has been done to death on FOX and frankly we're bored with it. Then I decided that I had a few things I wanted to say about the whole issue.

John Gibson should stop worrying about secularists stealing Christmas and start acting like a true Christian. He should start using his media access to talk about ways to help all the people in this country who are fighting to survive.

Why doesn't Gibson talk about the cuts made to pay for his fat tax cut? Not only have food stamps been cut but the school lunch program too. So now there are children who can't even get one decent meal a day. I don't think they're worried about mangers in the public square. Then there are the other kids who will be mighty cold all winter because of massive cuts to the energy asistance programs. I haven't heard about that on his Big Story either.

Why doesn't Gibson talk about the Katrina survivors who will be thrown out in the street because FEMA won't pay for their housing anymore despite the promises made earlier? I bet they're all fired up about the persecution of Christian Americans. Why isn't Gibson raising money and awarness for them?

What about the 30,000 people who were laid of at GMC? Where's Gibson's outrage about the lost jobs and the devastated families without incomes or healthcare?

In truth, Gibson is helping nobody but himself with this empty campaign. So is he just a kook or a selfish opportunist selling his book and trying to play to a base that is no longer listening?

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