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Sean Hannity Tries To Blame Democrats For Iraq War Problems

Reported by Ellen - November 18, 2005

As I have written before, Sean Hannity is a one trick pony who "debates" every political issue by blaming and attacking Democrats, preferably with gotcha questions. Last night, in response to Rep. John Murtha's call to begin the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, Hannity responded by blaming and attacking harder but with the same old trick questions. Unfortunately for Hannity, Gen. Wesley Clark, who knows a thing or two about fighting, easily disarmed Hannity's bluster with reason and common sense.

Hannity started off in a fury and on his high horse. "You know, General, I've got to tell you something. I have had it with members of your party undermining our troops, undermining our commander in chief while we're at war, calling our commander in chief a liar, saying that he hyped, saying that he misled. They have done all of this without any evidence or proof."

Clark interrupted him right away to say that there is plenty of proof.

Hannity started yelling and jabbing his finger, "You want to call the President a liar?"

Clark remained cool and said that it's time "to get down to the facts on this... Let's stop the labelling... and go to the facts." He calmly recited that Saddam Hussein was not part of 9/11, he did not have nuclear weapons and "Dick Cheney and the Administration hyped the connection between Hussein and 9/11 and his weapons capabilities."

Rather than defend Bush or Cheney, Hannity went back to attacking Democrats. Hannity was so overcome with emotion, he forgot to put on his sincere, concerned look with the squinted eyes (as if he's contemplating the great beyond) and the slanted head. He started yelling that John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton said the same thing. As usual, the ever-aggrieved Hannity claimed the name-calling is coming from the other side. Then he demanded that Clark go with him to call on Democrats and Republicans to see if they agree with John Murtha.

Clark calmly answered that the US "went to a war it didn't have to fight."

Hannity interrupted to shout, "Tell that to Hillary and John Kerry, who you voted for."

"We went there because the intelligence was cherry-picked and given to the Congress and the American people were fed hyped-up information."

When it was Alan Colmes' turn, he told the other guest, Bill Bennett, that "It's not accurate, it's not fair to compare what the Administration knew and what these Democrats said based on different information." Bennett accused Colmes of getting his information from "left-wing blogs" (Colmes said it came from Knight-Ridder) and insisted that the only reason Democrats didn't get the same intelligence is because they didn't do enough of their homework. Comment: Just a night or so ago, Colmes played a clip of Republican Senator Pat Roberts acknowledging that senators do not have the same access to intelligence as the president.

Bennett claimed it's important to know if Democrats agree with Murtha because Democrats "smell blood." Always concerned with other people's morals, Bennett thought it important to discover if the Democrats think it's worth it to "lose Iraq" for "a political victory."

Comment: Hannity and Bennett, a FOX News contributor and a radio show host, must know what the San Francisco Chronicle reported, that, "Murtha's outspoken stand" is shared "with only a minority of House Democrats." So their demands that other Democrats announce their position is phony posturing for the sake of denigration. Because they also know, as the Chronicle said in the same sentence, that Murtha's stance is an indication of "the growing discontent within Congress over the war's progress."

Clark jumped in and said, "I'll tell you who's with John Murtha and it's the American public... The real issue is this: We're in Iraq now. We've got to put the right policies in place... To succeed in Iraq, you've got to deal with Iraq's neighbors - Syria and Iran."

Hannity interrupted again. "How can we do it when we have Democrats undermining..." His fury growing, Hannity jabbed his finger at Clark and asked if John Kerry hyped, Hillary Clinton hyped, "Did all your liberal friends hype? Or was just George Bush hyping?"

Clark tried to answer but Hannity kept baiting him and interrupting about "the hype." Finally, Clark paused and said, "Here's the hype. When Cheney said, in 2002, that Saddam was about to get a nuclear weapon, that's hype... I think Dick Cheney owes the American people an explanation."

Hannity peevishly said, "So does Hillary."

Comment: While Hannity is trying to blame the Democrats for changing their stance on Iraq, he seems to have conveniently overlooked Dick Cheney's change of heart. As the Center for American Progress reports on its blog,

In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1992, Cheney said: “If we’d gone to Baghdad and got rid of Saddam Hussein — assuming we could have found him — we’d have had to put a lot of forces in and run him to ground someplace…Then you’ve got to put a new government in his place, and then you’re faced with the question of what kind of government are you going to establish in Iraq? Is it going to be a Kurdish government, or a Shia government or a Sunni government?” Mr. Cheney continued. “How many forces are you going to have to leave there to keep it propped up, how many casualties are you going to take through the course of this operation?” [New York Times, 12/16/03]

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