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Sayonara, FNL

Reported by Nancy - November 18, 2005 -

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that Fox News Live is going off the air. Fortunately, it does mean that I won't be monitoring it any more. Unfortunately, I'm now monitoring Special Report with Brit Hume. I can't quite decide if this is the silver lining or the cloud. But I thought a little "farewell" post was in order.

What I'll miss (NOT!) about FNL:
missing white girl stories
demolition dramas -- watch this building just explode!
endless eye candy video
car chae caught on tape!
teasers followed by a lame story that doesn't match the come-on
teasers followed by no story at all
explosion at an oil refinery!
guests from the "Z" list of daytime hate radio
school in lockdown!
military "analysts who treat war like a football game with that stupid
screenwriter gizmo
ALERTs! for nothing
obsession with Michael Jackson
wicked weather!
local stories given national coverage
criminals caught on tape!
"Happy Iraq" stories
tractor-trailer overturned!
poor persecuted Christians
flag-waving psychopatriots
mini-blurbs pretending to be news reports
burning house!
any item that begins with "Wait'll ya hear ..."
promos masquerading as interviews
etc etc etc

NOTE TO READERS: Knock yourselves out on this thread. I'm not going to monitor topics, but I *will* delete personal attacks & vile language.