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Things Going to Hell in a Handcar in Iraq? Not According to FOX News!

Reported by Marie Therese - November 16, 2005

Former CIA operative Wayne Simmons was back on the Factor last night [11-1-05], looking spiffed up and nicely tailored. However, his bombastic rhetoric has remained just as strident as ever. The segment featured a second guest, Jed Babbin, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense under Bush 41, and consisted of blaming the elitist liberal media and even Bush himself for the lack of feel-good publicity about Iraq.

Babbin spouted the usual "the Democrats are posturing" claptrap, because they are attempting to get Bush to agree to a troop withdrawal timetable. Simmons trotted right along, looked in his crystal ball and prognosticated the following:

"Well, listen, the American people better wake up, Bill, because I can tell you, unequivocally, and this is not an opinion. This will absolutely be proven to be fact. If the Democrats come into power in the United States, and re-employ their vision of defense for this country, we will have 9/11's unabated. That's not maybe. We know what took place in the past and I still don't understand exactly what it is that the Americans expect President Bush to do any different than he's already done, Bill ... What I can tell you that people aren't looking at is on the intelligence side. We are absolutely in much, much better shape today in our human - setting up our intelligence networks throughout Iraq and the - not this - this - I don't know where this keeps coming up, Bill, why the American people are sound asleep at the wheel!"

At one point O'Reilly - in a momentary flash of truthfulness - said: "And you don't have an articulate Commander-in-Chief" but then he went right back to the same old, same old: "... If the President showed as much passion as you show - or me on occasion - he'd be farther ahead. But he allows the media, which is overwhelmingly against the action in Iraq, to define the conflict in a very narrow way. "

Simmons responded that "We've got a Commander-in-Chief who's kickin' the livin' daylights out of these terrorists, Bill. We are winning in Iraq. We're winning around the world. We're winning in the United States. Some things have to change on the borders, granted. but this President is keeping us safer."

My response to Wayne Simmons is this. Americans aren't asleep at the wheel - they're wide awake and finally realizing that their "inarticulate" President and his coterie of sycophantic flunkies have been lying from the get-go.

I urge everyone who reads this to click on the link below and watch (or read the transcript of) Amy Goodman's one-hour interview with former U. S. Army Interrogator. Tony Lagouranis, as he describes his own experiences in Iraq. He corroborates what many of us have known for a long time - that things are out of control over there, that the great majority of prisoners are innocent of terror-related crimes or any crime at all, that we killed thousands in Fallujah, including women, children and the elderly, that the orders came from the very top echelons of government, etc.

Lagouranis points out that he experienced American commanders in Iraq rounding up anybody they could, just to be able to sex up their "captured terrorists" numbers for Washington. He relates stories of ordinary Iraqis being savagely beaten by our troops in their own homes, prior to arrest. Even though he submitted at least five reports to CID (Criminal Investigation Division], these were "lost" somewhere.

BILL O'REILLY: "Iraq may not be the best battlefield, but it's our battlefield and we gotta deal with it."

TONY LAGOURANIS: "Well, I'd like to apologize to Iraq, honestly, because I think we have done so many things wrong over there. I think the military guys wanted to go over there and really liberate Iraq, and we have just really screwed it up. So, that's terrible, but to the military guys in Iraq, I would say, follow your conscience, and don't do what everybody else is doing just because it seems like that's the right thing to do. It's not."

In the end it boils down to conscience, to moral values, and the willingness to brave harsh criticism and a wrecked life in order to speak truth to power.

To view Lagouranis' video/read transcript, go to Democracy Now!.

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