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Wicked Weather and Those Wicked Democrats

Reported by Donna - November 15, 2005

The overwhelming themes on today's Studio B with Shepard Smith were wicked weather and the story that the President and his administration are going after those big, bad Democrats.

Much of today's show was spent on the wicked weather affecting the midsection of the United States. However, Fox still found time to shill for President Bush and his administration, by dressing down the Democrats because Bush sent the country to war in Iraq.

In one segment we had correspondent, Mike Emmanuel reporting on Donald Rumsfeld and how Rumsfeld brought up old documents from Clinton on Saddam Hussein saying he wanted to remove him from power. Under the banner of 'Rumsfeld Attacks Critics Of Iraq War', Rumsfeld spoke about President Clinton and said that Clinton, too, believed there were weapons of mass destruction. Fox even ran an old video of President Clinton speaking out against Saddam Hussein. Rumsfeld said that the mistakes made in the war in Iraq were 'honest mistakes.' (He really said this)

In the second segment Fox switched to Greg Kelly talking about President Bush, who, he said went after the Democrats forcefully. They showed video of President Bush (in his flight jacket), who spoke about Democratic leaders who, he said in the past had spoke about Saddam Hussein thumbing his nose at the U.S. They finished the segment with Bush saying that (the Democrats) spoke truth then and are speaking politics now.

Comments: Nowhere to be found was the Democratic balance to these two segments -- they only showed the President's and his administration's view. Since the polls are reflecting an ever increasing weariness with the Bush agenda and the war in Iraq, I suppose Fox felt they had to come on with a good one-two punch.

I can't help feeling, though, that this came across as a 'So, he/she/they said it, too!' segment, which may also backfire on them since the President is the one who made the ultimate decision of whether or not we went to war in Iraq. The President should be saying, 'the buck stops here.'

Fair and balanced - you tell me?

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