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The Simple World Of John Gibson

Reported by Deborah - November 15, 2005

John Gibson has it all figured out. Today during his My Word commentary, he was whining about Democrats accusing Bush of lying about Iraq. Gibson acting as if the Bush critics were idiots, wanted to know why Bush would send troops to Iraq if he thought there were no WMD. According to Gibson, this was proof that Bush couldn't possibily have known in advance and therefore didn't lie. 11/15/05

Gibson made the point that Bush had to believe there were WMD's because why would he send troops that he knew would make him look bad by not finding any.

Gibson continue complaining that everyone was critical of Bush Sr. for not toppling Saddam during the Gulf War. He praised Junior for going ahead and doing it. Then of course he blamed Democrats for "rewriting history". That's it, case closed.

comment: Is it possible that Gibson's mind is actually that simplistic? It more likely that he thinks his viewers are gullible enough to buy that garbage. Talk about rewriting history! What about all the time spent by the UN weapons inspectors who couldn't find a thing. Bush couldn't even wait for the inspectors to issue a final report. He knew and he couldn't have cared less.

Does Gibson really think that his viewers appreciate being insulted? On second thought, anyone who would write a book about Christmas being stolen after that topic has been hacked to death by FOX, must be severely out of touch with the majority of people in this country anyway.

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