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Wes Clark: Intelligence Was Hyped

Reported by Deborah - November 12, 2005

Wesley Clark, obviously an efficient time manager, wasted none softening his statements to Kiran Chetry on Fox & Friends this morning. He wasn't about to let the FOX spinmeisters help Bush avoid responsibility again. After Chetry asked him to respond the charges Bush made against Democrats yesterday, Clark answered with total calm and conviction. "Bush has a lot to answer for. The intelligence was hyped."

Clark went on to say that Cheney's talk about mushroom clouds and Iraq's short term capability to make nuclear bombs was irresponsible adding that nobody was shown the dissenting intelligence that warned against going into Iraq before voting for the war. "Going into Iraq was a blunder", Clark stated firmly.

Chetry asked another question complaining about the Bush critics and Clark tossed it aside saying that it's inevitable that voters want accountability. " That's Democracy." He then explained that before a time for withdrawl can be set three things must be done.
1. The Iraq government and army must be stable.
2. The terrorism problem in Iraq that was caused by this war must be handled
3. The regional issues with Iran and Syria must be resolved through diplomacy.

Clark informed Chetry that we're not getting any help in Iraq because we treated everyone so badly. He made the point that we made Syria and Iran part of the problem by acting like we could do everything alone. We should have used diplomacy to make them part of the solution.

comment: I've been trying to analyze Clark's ability to counter spin. Part of it is emotional detachment allowing him to fix blame without passing judgement. He hands out the truth, defines the problem and offers a solution. Howard Dean has the same gift. Just imagine if either of them were in the White House right now?

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