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Hannity Complains He's Sick Of Democrats. Maybe He Needs To Quit His Job.

Reported by Ellen - November 12, 2005

When I last saw Sean Hannity one week ago, he reacted to Bush's then lowest-ever poll ratings by lashing out against Bill Clinton. This week, as Bush's slide continued, so did Hannity's.

Hannity started out the show and his first diatribe by attacking Democratic Strategist Bob Beckel and the Democratic Party at the same time. "I'm sick of your party. I'm sick of them undermining the president while we're at war... I'm sick of their lies... What this party of yours... has done has become disgraceful... You ought to be ashamed of them and you ought to condemn them and lead the way."

At least this time, Beckel didn't try to placate Hannity but told him to calm down. However, rather than provide a clear, concise response, he rambled about intelligence failures that "the Democrats agreed with" and WMD's that "the Clinton administration agreed with."

Hannity, of course, interrupted to say that Beckel is the "most intellectually honest of all the Democrats." Comment:a slap in the face to Colmes!

Then Hannity tried to pull a gotcha question on Beckel by reading a quote from someone who said that Saddam Hussein was a threat and demanding that he try to guess who said it.

But Beckel waved off Hannity easily by guessing instantly that it was probably Hillary or Kennedy (it was Hillary) and went right back to what he was saying which culminated with the fact that the linchpin of the Bush Administration's reasons for going to war proved wrong. His voice rising, Beckel said, "So don't try to pass this off and say we all agreed with the intelligence. We didn't. It was wrong."

Hannity was all fired up about the "culpability" and "hypocrisy" of Al Gore, Ted Kennedy and, of course, Hillary Clinton. As though trying to demonstrate that he was acting out of pure, unselfish and patriotic motives, Hannity began to wax sentimental about our troops. "Every step of the way, these brave men and women on this Veterans' Day are in harm's way and these politicians call our president a liar."

Comment: Hannity's touching concern somehow overlooked the fact that earlier in the week Republicans removed Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), who had been extremely vocal about underfunding of veterans causes, as chairman of the veterans committee and then barred veterans service organizations from presenting testimony at joint hearings of the House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committees.

Alan Colmes was in a feisty mood and told FOX News Military Analyst Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis (Ret) that it was "ridiculous" to say that "we shouldn't speak out." Referring to Bush's claim earlier in the day that Democrats saw the same intelligence he did, Colmes said he had spoken to a number of senators who said that was not true. "So, we're being misled again, aren't we?"

Maginnis ducked the question and said that he had seen some of the intelligence and found it "very compelling." He tried to blame the faulty intelligence on - who else - Bill Clinton but added a new twist to the usual FNC spin by also saying Jimmy Carter "decimated" the CIA's capabilities. Comment: Weren't there twelve years of Republican presidents in-between Carter and Clinton or wasn't that enough time to "fix" the CIA? In any event, Maginnis' "analysis" leads me to fear that Carter will be the next person added to Hannity's boogey-man list.

Beckel was steaming and said that any compelling evidence Maginnis saw was "flat wrong." "Can you prove what Dick Cheney said on March 17, 2003, that the Iraqis had reconstituted nuclear weapons?"

Hannity interrupted (I thought he and Colmes had an agreement not to interrupt each other's segments) to say "That's what Hillary said."

Colmes spoke over him and said no, it was Dick Cheney who said it. Colmes continued, "You can go down the list... (Cheney) said a 'gathering threat,' Condi Rice talked about mushroom clouds, on and on and on. They're the ones who have to take responsibility for starting this war under false pretenses, not the Democrats who are calling them on it."

Maginnis made the very lame excuse that the faulty intelligence about Iraq's WMD's was within some kind of standard margin of error. "The intelligence idea of being able to nail down things without any, you know, doubt is loony. You just don't go to war based on information that... you have 100% (unintelligible)."

Beckel said "We went to war on bad information, Bob."

Hannity said, "Well, tell Hillary Clinton that."

Poor Hannity. It must be so tough for him to be on a news show that devotes so much time to Democrats. Tell Hannity that if he can't stand half of America, maybe it's time to find a new job.


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