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Sean Hannity respects Charlie Daniels taking a stand - what stand?

Reported by Chrish - November 11, 2005

What a slobberfest on Hannity and Colmes tonight, as country music star Charlie Daniels was a featured guest. The segment, which appeared forty-some minutes into the show, was plugged no less than five times before it aired, with three teasers that Sean singing with Charlie at the Freedom Concert 2003 would be shown. A picture of CD was labeled 'BANNED", and Hannity said "...the banning of 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'", "one Virginia high school is actually accusing our friend CD of 'satanic undertones'", and "our friend CD will...take on new critics that are banning his classic hit containing what they say are satanic messages...:

The excuse for the segment was that "earlier this year" a Virginia high school band director decided to not have his marching band play "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" at the Peach Bowl because someone had written a letter to the local paper saying the Hilton High Scool band playing that song may violate the seperation of church and state.

Comment: The Peach Bowl was played last December 31, 2004, so the decision to not use the song was made before that. This "story" happened almost a year ago.

While they stirred their viewers to defend the "country music legend" and self-proclaimed "born-again Christian" who loves "God, family, country, and work", they also managed to feature a nice promo of Daniels' new DVD - just in time for the holidays, I mean Christmas. We also got a rundown of his upcoming appearances (including one with another Fox favorite, Franklin Graham).

They did discuss the long-ago incident, and Daniels (who flows right along with the RW-Fox talking points) said he felt badly for the kids who had practiced and learned the song, but he could understand the action. He said that today everyone is so sue-happy that it could escalate into an actual ACLU lawsuit, and they figured it's not worth it.

There was more footage of Hannity on stage with the CDB and Daniels graciously told Sean that onstage performances are twice as fast as the recordings so it's not surprising Hannity was off beat. Hannity complimented Daniels and I thought everyone was going to start crying and hugging - what a moment! Such love! They talked about the upcoming CMA and then Hannity lost his mind. To whit:

"One of the things I love about you, Charlie, and I've always admired: you are not afraid to take a controversial stand. You write controversial songs. You are outgoing in your faith. You love this country. You support our troops. You went over there to meet these guys. You spent a lot of time with them. A lot of guys in the entertainment business , they're unwilling to alienate anybody. they're unwilling to take a stand, controversial song. They're afraid to do that. You've taken a very different path."

Comment: Whoa doggie. Hannity HATES it when entertainers take a political stand. Remember Linda Ronstadt in Vegas? Mick Jagger's "Sweet Little Neo-con"? Can anyone ever forget the Dixie Chicks hysteria? All vilified on FOX. Oh wait a minute, Daniels' "controversial" stands are completely in line with the Fox audience - born-again Christianity, wrap yourself in the flag and don't question the war, a.k.a. "support the troops".

Another thing strikes me: if Charlie Daniels is not afraid to take a controversial stand, why didn't he defend his song and the marching band's right to play it? Looks to me like he caved because he didn't want a controversey.

Hannity either doesn't recognize the inconsistencies in his hero worship or more likely chooses to ignore them, something we see all the time on Fox. Contradictory or unflattering? Spin it or better yet, ignore it.

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