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'Sonic Boom' or Bait & Switch?

Reported by Nancy - November 10, 2005 -

Tuesday (11/8) during the last hour of FNL, Bill Hemmer read repeated teasers about a "sonic boom" weapon that may have been used to fight off pirates who attacked a cruise ship & promised an interview to discuss this. What was actually discussed during that interview? A relatively new US Navy weapon

Here are the "sonic boom" segments:

12:05pm - teasers included: a "sonic boom may have saved a cruise ship"

12:12pm - teasers included: sonic boom used on cruise ship

12:26pm - teasers included: "sonic boom" used on cruise ship

12:30pm - teasers included: "sonic blast" used on cruise ship

12:36pm - Hemmer interviewed former Navy Secretary John Dalton, & opened by asking about the "sonic" weapon that may have been used to defend a cruise ship attacked by pirates. Dalton stated up front that he h ad "no idea" about what equipment the cruise ship did or did not have, so he & Hemmer instead discussed the Navy's LRAD or long range acoustic device, a crowd-control & combatant-deterrent sonic weapon.

Comments: I thought Bret Baier was Fox's official pipeline for Pentagon propaganda. This little interview was like a press release from the Pentagon. The bait (pretending the interview was going to be about what happened when the cruise ship was attacked) & switch (gee-whiz PR for one of the Navy's newer toys) was so transparent I was surprised that Hemmer could keep a straight face.

Wikipedia has a recently updated article about LRAD, including technical data that may be of interest to audiophiles or acoustic engineers, & the following tidbits that should be of interest to everyone:

The device is currently being tested in regions of Baghdad, Fallujah, and other regions of Iraq. The device was also used by police in New York City during protests of the 2004 Republican National Convention. It is currently being used in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Luxury cruise ship "Seabourn Spirit" employed an LRAD in an attempt to repel pirates who attacked 160 km off the coast of Somalia in early November 2005.[1] The effectiveness of this device during the attack is not yet clear.


NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's bait-&-switch technique; Pentagon propaganda presented as "news"). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.