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Fox Knows More About French Riots Than French Themselves?

Reported by Janie - November 10, 2005

Yesterday (11/8) on Dayside, hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick invited Regis Le Sommier, US Bureau Chief of Paris Match, a French magazine, to discuss the riots that are continuing throughout the country. The theme of "Americans know more about what is going on over there than France's own citizens", continued today, as the Dayside hosts perpetuated the idea, once again, that these riots are quite possibly terrorist acts.

The transcript of the conversation follows:

JH: "I've been listening to a lot of French officials, pundits and media types, and even citizens, being interviewed. Coming out on the air and it seems in some ways a lot of these folks are more concerned with defending France, and how all this looks, than actually bringing out the facts of what are going on."

RLS: "I think there's been somewhat of a spin, especially in this country, regarding what is happening in France. Let's put this back a little into perspective. This is not Al Qaeda, radical Islam, motivated type of riots."

JH: "How do you know that?"

RLS: "It is, the people that are behind that, the people that are creating the riots are within the age of 13 – 25, let's say. They are..."

MJ: "We've had Al Qaeda related terrorists of that age group. The bus bombs in London, they were young people."

RLS: "Yeah, they were young people of Pakistani origin, that's true. What I am saying is that the motivation, what these people truly want is not the instillation of sort of Caliph, or a Muslim Republic like in France or that sort of thing. They come from Muslim dominated neighborhoods, that's for sure, but then there are white people, there are black people. There are a number of other people, but..."

Comment: As Sommier said the words "but then there are white people, there are black people", there was a distinct "Shhhhhhhhh" sound on the audio of the show. Whether this is a coincidence, and someone was telling an audience member to quiet down, I am not certain. However, it was a very interesting moment for someone to attempt to quiet someone else, as it sounded like they were attempting to drown-out Sommier's statement, and to not allow the truth to be known.

MJ: "These are truly disillusioned, suburban youths who are tired of being discriminated against, and they're unemployed, with the unemployment rating around 23%. That's all this is? Do you agree with the police, there are a lot of police officers in France…"

RLS: "It's mostly a question of identity, there's two points in there. There's the question of identity, they don't know where they stand in society, they've been living in those projects for most of their life, and they feel outcast, they feel they are outside of common growth and that sort of thing. And the other thing is that there's definitely the question of law enforcement, playing with the police has been something normal for too long, and they don't have respect for the police and that's where there's a ground for…"

JH: "So do you feel like the media, you mentioned here in the United States, do you feel like we are spinning this, and creating something that's not there? Do you think this is just a situation of isolated looting..."

RLS: "I don't want to minimize the problem, it's very much a huge problem. But the root of the problem is certainly not an attempt by Islamic groups or radicals to actually overthrow the power in France, or to take ground in Europe, that's not what this is about."

JH: "I don't want to hype it up, but it's a concern because you say that so definitively, and we've seen this type of thing, to a different degree but this type of thing happening in other countries, how can you absolutely eliminate..."

RLS: "It's mostly something that's part of the Western world, Islam is in the background at some points, and you know, quite ironically, the places in France where you have the toughest Islam radicals, and the projects where these people live are actually quiet right now, and they don’' want to associate, they don't want anything to do with the, I mean, I've been told that by Chief of police yesterday."

MJ: "And they've checked out the 300 different towns around France, and these are disillusioned, poor people..."

RLS: "Most of them are, yes."

MJ: "How can that be established already?"

Comment: Well, it HAS been 13 days!

RLS: "It's been established. These people are living in a suburban culture, they are really individualistic, they are children of the consumer society, they are a part of the Western world, but..."

MJ: "This thing needs to be investigated a lot more, that's why we sent reporters around France, trying to check this out. See who exactly, the rioters are, because it could be a possibility of Islamic extremists trying to destabilize France, as they are trying to do in other countries as well."

Comment: Jerrick claims "this thing needs to be investigated a lot more", as if the French authorities and police are doing nothing, and by insinuation, claims Fox can do a better job of investigating what is going on, more so than the French authorities that are in charge. What a ridiculous statement. He claims Fox has sent out reporters to see what's going on, and they are obviously doing a fantastic job, by only interviewing American tourists that have been there less than a day.

All of the mainstream media, here in the United States, as well as throughout the world, and the French authorities, have determined that this is nothing more than disillusioned, poor youth, that are rioting because of their circumstances. Yet, Fox is determined to keep up the charade that the riots have anything to do with terrorism, to instill fear in their viewers, and once again, maintain their agenda.

This entire segment was an affront to the American people, Fox viewers, French citizens, and French authorities. Which on Fox, is not entirely a surprise.

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