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John Gibson Reminds Us Today's Date in Jordan is 9/11

Reported by Deborah - November 9, 2005

As expected, Big Story today was non stop coverage of the bombings in Jordan. It was hard to keep track of all the experts on terror that popped in to share their wisdom with John Gibson who tried to keep the dialogue on the possibility of a similar attack here. Gibson wasted no time mentioning the numerical symbology of todays date explaining to his viewers that in other countries the day comes before the month in dates, therefore today is really 9/11. That statement pretty much sums up the theme of todays show.
11/9/05 or 9/11/05

Gibson claimed that the bombings took place because Jordan is a U.S. friend and there was the expected talk about the similarities between this bombing and other Al Qaeda attacks. Mike Swetnum from the Potomac Institute claimed that Zarqawi likes to attack religious ceremonies and today one of the suicide bombers targeted a wedding ( suicide not homicide was used) There was enough speculation made about the Al Qaeda link to certainly convince FOX viewers that Al Qaeda was responsible.

Gibson mentioned the value of the Patriot Act and the tools it allows us to use against terrorists. He chided Judge Napolitano for not supporting the patriot act. Mike Sweetnum, supporting Gibson's call for the kind of "tools" allowed by the Patriot Act, brought up the possibility of biological and nuclear terror attacks. " One failure and a million die."

comments. On Monday's Big Story Gibson's commentary was about torture. He first mildly condemned it and then went on to support it. In other words, he said it was wrong but we should do it anyway. So tonight I imagine his references to the Patriot Act "tools" might be related to the forceful interrogation techniques he and Cheney prefer.

The FOX rally call "We fight them there so we don't need to fight them here" was forgotten. Viewers were not reassured that Tbe Bush Doctrine will protect them. Fear mongering is back but this time it's not going to do a thing for GW. He's too far gone.

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