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How to Twist a Headline

Reported by Nancy - November 7, 2005 -

The English language is a wonderful thing, but is all too easily abused by those who routinely engage in propaganda. Here's an interesting tidbit illustrating that kind of abuse. I found this at the Fox News website over the weekend. It's a headline for a front-page story: Cheney Asks GOP Senators to Help with Torture Ban . If all you read was that headline, you'd think Cheney wants GOP Senators to help ban torture, right? Wrong! The exact opposite, in fact, but you won't find that out until you start reading the article that accompanied that headline.

Here are the first two paras:

Vice President Dick Cheney made an unusual personal appeal to Republican senators this week to allow CIA exemptions to a proposed ban on the torture of terror suspects in U.S. custody, according to participants in a closed-door session.

Cheney told his audience the United States doesn't engage in torture, these participants added, even though he said the administration needed an exemption from any legislation banning "cruel, inhuman or degrading" treatment in case the president decided one was necessary to prevent a terrorist attack.

Comment: Funny the kind of "help" Cheney wants from GOP senators. He doesn't want them to help BAN torture; nope. he wants them to help LIMIT a proposed torture ban. I wonder how the reactionaries who support Cheney's warped reasoning would feel about the same standards (or lack thereof) being applied to American POWs.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (how to twist a headline -- examples from Fox only, please -- or how the US does or does not abuse/torture prisoners). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.