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Readers, Help Me Out Here

Reported by Nancy - November 5, 2005 -

Yesterday (11/4) FNL's last hour was essentially an instant replay of the format it's been using all week, the one I had hoped we had seen the last of when Bill Hemmer replaced David Asman. Regular viewers know what I'm talking about: insubstantial mini-blurbs that convey little real information (but plenty of fear & loathing); "interviews" so short they barely allow for introductions, much less actual analysis; & that perennial favorite, the eye candy video (e.g., "manhunt in Texas!")

Comment: Now that I've been monitoring FNL for so long, I've got a fair amount of unorganized data to work with. So I thought it might be worthwhile to go back through the last 6-8 months (longer, if I can find the time to do it) & document one or two major recurring themes. My first inclination was the "cute missing white woman/girl" story -- which, as we've previously discussed, involves a lot more than just Greta Van Susteren's unhealthy obsession with Natalee Holloway. Alternate choices included the chanelling of Pentagon propaganda (e.g., some of the wacker "military analysts," Bret Baier's ongoing "reports" & the endless eye candy video of heavily armed US troops running around) or the bias involved in the choice to cover some (Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson) but not all (Bernie Ebbers, Tom DeLay) high-profile criminal trials. Then I realized that our readers might have some very good insights about the approach I should take or the topic I should address. So, readers, give me your best ideas for what I should track. Remember that I will only be tracking how the topic is covered during the last hour of FNL, so no references to other FNC programs or "personalities" are relevant. Also, it should be something that will be consistent over a fairly long time, so one-issue, short-term topics (e.g. all the blather about The Passion of the Christ ) are probably not very useful. One final caveat: this won't be about the issue itself, but about how FNL covers (or doesn't cover) it.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (your suggestions for any topic mentioned regularly on FNL, & how I should track FNL's coverage of it). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.