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Dick Morris Shills for Bush but Demands Cheney's Ousting

Reported by Janie - November 3, 2005

Yesterday (11/2) Dayside host Mike Jerrick and guest co-host Kiran Chetry interviewed Fox Political Correspondent Dick Morris on the developments in the CIA leak investigation, and on the rumors centering around an "administration change".

Chetry began the interview by asking the important question that has been swirling around Washington: "Is it time for Karl Rove to be replaced?"

Morris began his response by shilling for Bush: "I don't think it's that important one way or the other. I think Rove did an extraordinary job in getting Bush elected and re-elected, and we owe him a debt of gratitude for that. I think what's important is two things. First of all, you've got to bring new ideas into that administration. Bush has nothing left to do. If we were worried about a terror attack everyday, his popularity would be high, but we feel perhaps falsely secure and he's cut taxes, he's reformed education, his agenda is gone and he needs a new agenda. The border, energy independence, drugs, a whole series of possible areas.

Comment: Ohhhh, so that's why Bush's approval ratings have plummeted to 35%, because he's totally completed his agenda! I think Morris just proved that when it comes to Bush, he is completely delusional.

Bush has cut taxes. For the wealthy (and Morris included). According to the Congressional Budget Office, in a report released just one year ago, they found that the top 1% of the country had their tax payments reduced, while the middle class (those that make between $50,000 and 75,000) saw their taxes actually rise.

As for the No Child Left Behind Act that Morris refers to, many states are not pleased with the initiative (unless of course, you ask Armstrong Williams). Some states, such as Utah (a highly conservative state, one of the few that still has Bush's approval rating over 50%) have actually passed legislation to ignore the requirements of NCLB, especially since the federal government lays the law, but refuses to fully fund it. If by education reform Morris means ignoring special needs children, then apparently Bush has succeeded.

He claims that Bush's agenda has been fulfilled, and I may agree, if the agenda was to start an illegal/unpopular war leading to the unnecessary deaths of our soldiers, to drive the nation further and further into a deficit, and to completely give up on his Social Security initiative, then he most certainly has succeeded.

After these desperate, unfounded pro-Bush claims, the remainder of the interview had a slightly different feel. Morris continued:

"The second place that I think needs a shake up is the Vice President's office. Including the Vice President himself, because Libby didn't work in the mail room. He worked for the Vice President, and according to the indictment, Cheney was the guy that told him about Valerie Plame. So, when a Special Prosecutor gets named, why doesn't Cheney go into Bush and say, Mr. President I think we have a problem in my office. And then when he reads in the newspaper that Libby had said he learned the information from Russert, when in fact he learned it from Cheney, why doesn't Cheney call him in and say I don't want you perjuring yourself, get out of here. And that could have spared this administration months of grief. I'm saying that I think Cheney needs to explain to us what he was doing. And I take this from the point of view of a Bush loyalist. Bush is in trouble now because Cheney didn't get rid of Libby when he first suspected there was malfeasance going on, and when he first suspected there was perjury going on. He should have fired him two years ago, after he testified before the grand jury and his testimony leaked out, he should have called him onto the carpet and said Hey, did you just perjure yourself in front of a grand jury, if you did you can't work for me anymore."

Comment: Surprisingly, Morris didn't completely toe party line here and laid out the case against Cheney in an excellent manner. His comments completely went against what Brit Hume stated on Tuesday's episode of Dayside, that it was the Democrats calling for this "administration change", be it Karl Rove or Dick Cheney, as Fox at the time attempted to ignore all of the conservative voices demanding the very same thing the Democrats are.

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