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Bill Bennett Back In Republican Rehab To Spin CIA Leak Investigation

Reported by Ellen - November 3, 2005

Bill Bennett, still unapologetic over his racially insensitive remarks of several weeks ago was back for a little more Republican rehab on Hannity & Colmes tonight. Rather than fire him as a FOX News Contributor, Bennett has suddenly become one of the most frequent guests on Hannity & Colmes.

During our last visit to Republican Rehab, Bill Bennett crowed that Republicans conducted debate in a "civilized" and "reasonable" fashion that "Democrats could learn from."

I guess it all depends on what your definition of civilized and reasonable is.

Sean Hannity started off by referring to the Democrats' throwing the Senate into closed session on Tuesday as a "temper tantrum."

Bennett got his own digs in saying "They're going to ride anything they can." Claiming that CIA Leak investigation was "a fizzle," Bennett tried to make it look like yesterday's news when he said, "It's amazing, they are STILL talking about Karl Rove."

But moments later, Bennett and Hannity were back to bashing Clinton (talk about old news!). First Hannity dramatically held up a piece of paper and said, "I have in front of me all the quotes of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton..." He was referring to what Clinton, et al. had said about Saddam Hussein being a threat. (Comment: As if that has anything to do with Bush.)

Then, a bit later, Alan Colmes played a montage of clips of Bush promising to not only uphold the laws of the land, but to also uphold the honor and integrity of the office of the president. Colmes asked if Americans weren't owed an apology. Of course not, according to Bennett. He told Colmes that LIbby is "presumed innocent," which completely missed the point of what Bush was saying. It also implies that any bad behavior is fine so long as it's not against the law.

Unless of course, it's the not-convicted-of-a-crime Clinton. Filled with condescension, Bennett snidely tried to argue that Scooter Libby was just "one guy" that worked for the president. "Let me explain a fundamental distinction for you, Alan. Scooter Libby is a staff member to the Vice President. He is not the President of the United States. Bill Clinton... was the President of the United States."

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