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Persecuted, Misunderstood Michelle Malkin Moans That Liberals Like Howard Dean and Randi Rhodes Are "Diseased"

Reported by Marie Therese - November 2, 2005

Someone get out the soapbox! Michelle Malkin is at it again. On last night's O'Reilly Factor, the diminutive, xenophobic Queen of Spleen regaled the viewing audience yet again with her infantile whining, touting her new book, entitled "UNHINGED: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild." As you can tell from the title, Mrs. Malkin (the good wife and mother who proudly uses her married name) is not the least interested in opening the door to productive dialogue with those who disagree with her POV.

Why bother pretending that UNHINGED is anything other than the latest in a series of dyspeptic polemics penned by right-wing prima donnas like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and David Horowitz? Malkin's new book would seem to be another excuse to waste ink trying to convince John and Jane Q. Public that liberals are

(a) racist
(b) stupid
(c) hateful
(d) foul-mouthed
(e) unpatriotic
(f) non-conformist
(g) ego-centric
(h) dodo birds

that should be wiped off the face of the planet - or at the very least, incarcerated in some undisclosed location with only bread and water to live on, blindfolded, and forced to listen to Clear Channel's Top Ten Conservatives 24 hours a day!

Lest you think I exaggerate, here, for you enjoyment and edification, is the transcript of her screed - pardon me! - "interview" with that paragon of self-restraint and erudition, William J. O'Reilly.

O'REILLY: FOX News Analyst and syndicated columnist, Michelle Malkin, has a new book out called "UNHINGED: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild." Wow! Now reading the book this weekend, I was struck by the vicious attacks on Michelle herself. In fact, on the back of the book, she prints the email addresses of certain people who have called her vile names.

[COMMENT: FOX aired a clip of the back of the book. I counted a total of ten separate references, hardly enough to make the kind of sweeping generalizations contained in this interview.]

O'REILLY: Michelle Malkin joins us now. Good for you.


O'REILLY: You know, good for you!

MALKIN: Thank you.

O'REILLY: Because this stuff has got to stop. You know, it has to stop, the threats and the - they go after you because you're Asian, correct?

MALKIN: I think that's part of it and I certainly did not want to whitewash how vitriolic and hate-filled and bigoted the left can be. I think it is a dirty little secret, that it is a myth that the left has some sort of moral superiority over the right on these kind of issues.

O'REILLY (overtalks last 4 words): Nobody could believe that and look at the internet.

MALKIN: Well, yeah, certainly.

O'REILLY: Right. The left-wing smear websites are worse than the right-wing smear websites. But I have to tell you, we got in a controversy with the two Latina columnists, one at The Dallas Morning News and one at the Denver Post. They both said the same thing, that after I criticized them, they got hate mail about their ethnicity. So I think there are unstable people on both sides of the coin.

MALKIN: Well, there's no question about that. But I think that there is a unique level of hypocrisy when these kind of attacks. People making fun of my maiden name [Maglalang], for its ethnic sound, for example, talking about my slanted eyes, and calling me a "gook" and telling me to go back to Vietnam or China. This is the left that has always postured itself as above the fray and more civil and more tolerant and more understanding than those of us on the right ...

O'REILLY: There is - there is something ...

MALKIN: ... but everybody ...

O'REILLY: But I - see, I never ...

MALKIN: ... everybody argues that ...

O'REILY: I never bought that for a minute.

MALKIN: Well, of course, Bill.

O'REILLY: You see, I went through the Vietnam era, which you didn't (smiles) 'cause you're younger than I am, OK?

MALKIN (coyly, smiling broadly): A little, yeah.

O'REILLY: A little. And I saw the hatred that the SDS and the student groups - it was far beyond tryin' to bring the troops home. It was rank hatred and right then and there, I knew, there wasn't, there - there isn't any difference. Zealots are zealots. Fanatics are fanatics and they'll do anything and say anything and they want to destroy you. And now, you go to these left-wing websites and you see what they're puttin' out there. But you had enough guts to do - I shoulda done what you did. I shoulda put these emails on - and I probably will from now on, the ones that threaten my life and my family and all of that - and just said here, you did it and I'm happy you did it.

[COMMENT: I believe that Mrs. Malkin merely copied what Al Franken has been doing for months, i.e., publicly "outing" those who send him particularly virulent, hate-filled emails simply by identifying them and reading their diatribes on air. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Franken should be quite pleased by Malkin's and possibly O'Reilly's copy-catting.]

O'REILLY: Now. Liberals unhinged - Is that - we just had Bill Richardson on. He's not unhinged.

MALKIN: No. He's not. But, what I do argue is that a lot of the violence, a lot of the paranoia, the conspiracy theories, a lot of this hatred that I talk about is not relegated to the fringes of the left. We are talking about something that is permeating - a disease that is permeating the leadership up to the top. You know, it wasn't just some fringe crackpot on some college campus who was suggesting on a radio station, for example, that President Bush was tipped off to 9/11. That was the head of the Democratic National Committee.

O'REILLY & MALKIN (in unison): Howard Dean.

[COMMENT: It's obvious from this remark that Mrs. Malkin has forgotten that the title of the August 6, 2001 PDB was "Bin Laden Determined to Strike In U. S." I guess she's free to define that title as a "tip." I would call it a large red flag, waved in front of a bunch of posturing bulls who were too busy sipping margaritas in the Texas sun to worry about protecting the country.]

O'REILLY: Right. But Howard Dean, in my estimation, is a far-left fanatic and I think that's why he didn't win the Democratic nomination, because Democrats said he is unhinged. Now ...

MALKIN( louder, shrill): No they didn't! They put him in charge of the party!!

O'REILLY: No. They didn't. No. The "folks" didn't put him in charge. That was a backdoor deal.

MALKIN: Well ...

O'REILLY: You know how that goes. He can't get elected to anything, this guy, alright, because the "folks" know that he's dangerous ...

[COMMENT: Dean was elected Governor of Vermont five times.]

MALKIN: Yeah, they put him in charge of electing everybody else!


MALKIN (louder): I mean, come on!!

O'REILLY: I'll tell ya' what - a lot of Democrats don't like him. They really don't. They see that he is dangerous in the fact that he is a bombthrower and irresponsible. And I do agree with you that there are certain liberals who are unhinged. Now look at the Air America network. I mean, that's a disgrace and it's goin' down the drain. But these are callin' for assassinations. I mean they're, they're way over the top.

MALKIN: But the silence is very telling because it's very rare that you see mainstream Democrats condemning crackpots, condemning people who wish for the President to be killed ...

O'REILLY: But let me ask you this. Do you - do you see mainstream conservatives condemning Michael Savage?

MALKIN: All the time!

O'REILLY (incredulous): You do?!!

MALKIN: Of course you do. In fact, I mean, again, I think that this is - this is something that the mainstream media does not recognize. It is, in fact. conservatives who are very outspoken in condemning fringe people and people who are extremists on the right side of the aisle. The Trent Lott episode, for example. A lot of mainstream conservatives were pivotal in decrying Trent Lott's remarks at Strom Thurmond's party. Or ...

[COMMENT: Well, at least Mrs. Malkin put Trent Lott clearly in the extremist camp, even though I suspect it was inadvertent. She will definitely get her wrist slapped for this little misstep!]

O'REILLY: So you believe ...

MALKIN: Yes ...

O'REILLY: You believe that the strain of fanaticism on the left is much more intense that the strain of fanaticism on the right.

MALKIN: I do. And I also think that there's a level of sanctimony on the left and in the [Democratic] party and a refusal to deal with reality that stretches up to the top of the party that you do not see in the Republican Party. And also there's the double standard in the media and I'll give you a very specific recent ...

O'REILLY: No question about it!!

MALKIN: ... example - there's no question about it. When Pat Robertson, for example, suggested that the dictator in Venezuela be assassinated, it was all over the TV. I mean, it was wall-to-wall coverage on every morning TV show. But when Randi Rhodes - you just mentioned Air America and we've talked about this before, but when she joked about President Bush's we've talked about this before, but when she joked about President Bush being assassinated twice on the air, there was no condemnation at all.

O'REILLY: Well, all you have to do ...

MALKIN: The New York Times editorialized about the ...

O'REILLY: ... all you have to do ...

MALKIN: ... the Pat Robertson thing. They said nothing about Randi Rhodes.

O'REILLY: All you have to do is count up how many papers review YOUR book.

MALKIN laughs and holds up her hand in symbol for zero.

O'REILLY: Really, and compare them to every left-wing smear book that comes out who (sic) they can't there fast enough. You know, the great story is I've had three New York Times number one bestsellers. They didn't review any of them.

MALKIN: That's right.

O'REILLY: OK? Now. There's no question that the media enables these people to do what they do and, if the same scrutiny that was brought to bear on them that was brought to bear on the right, maybe they wouldn't do it. So, anyway - very good book. Very specific. I'm sorry you have to go through all this. You know, I'm a mean guy and I deserve to get, you know, whacked around, I guess, but you're nice and you don't deserve that - must be tough on your family and stuff like that

MALKIN: Well, you know ...

O'REILLY: ... must be tough on your family and stuff.

MALKIN: Well, it is, but you learn to grow a thick skin after a while and have a good sense of humor but there's a really serious point ...

O'REILLY: There is. There is.

MALKIN: ... behind this book as well, which is to turn the mirror on that ugliness and (quieter voice) to get 'em to stop.

O'REILLY: OK, Michelle. Well, if anybody can do it, you can. Buy Michelle's book, UNHINGED, and we appreciate you comin' in.


With regard to Mrs. Malkin's statement that many conservatives condemn Michael Savage, I was unable to uncover any quotes to that effect either by noted or completely obscure conservatives.

Perhaps you had more luck?

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