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It Just Wouldn't Be Christmas If FOX News Didn't Blame Liberals For Trying To Steal It

Reported by Ellen - November 2, 2005

The Christmas season is coming up and that means just one thing for those Christian-values folks at FOX News - time to dust off their special holiday version of liberal-bashing.

Yes, once again, it's time to replay the "How The Liberals Try To Steal Christmas" pageant. This year we have a new player in the cast - Judge Alito, just-nominated for a position on the U.S. Supreme Court. Last night, he faced that old devil, the ACLU, the organization radical enough to devote itself full-time to upholding American civil liberties. So radical are they that Sean Hannity and guest Bret Schundler, the Republican former mayor of Jersey City, NJ, had to team up against the organization without giving it a chance to defend itself. Apparently, it wasn't worth the risk that someone in the audience might have fallen under their evil spell.

In this year's version, Judge Alito is a Christmas martyr. Hannity announced the upcoming discussion by saying that "Alito's most controversial decision may have been the defense of Christmas." The suspense wasn't too unbearable because in the Hannity & Colmes morality playbook, the conservatives usually win.

On one side, we had the good Judge Alito "apply the law" and uphold "common sense" by allowing some kind of Christmas display in Jersey City. Opposing him and all other moral Americans was the "radical" ACLU hell-bent on, as Schundler said, "trying to take us a step farther towards removing any recognition of faith from life."

It must have been temporary insanity that came over Hannity years ago when he allowed the ACLU to defend him when he was fired from KCSB for calling a child who was conceived through artificial insemination "a turkey-baster baby." Last night, he had taken hold of his senses again and was at the ready to guard against their sneaky encroachment into the lives of all decent people. "There is a level of intolerance out there. There are people that don't want 'One nation under God' in the Pledge (of Allegiance) and In God We Trust on US coins and if they could go back, they'd take 'endowed by their Creator' out of the Declaration."

Schundler also recognized the importance of being ever-vigilant against those crafty devils. "The thing that's important to recognize is that (the ACLU is) a radical organization." He complained they are not upholding the founders' vision of the Constitution nor Supreme Court precedent.

There was nobody on from the ACLU to rebut their holiday cheer and possibly plant the dark seeds of doubt into the viewers' mind.

Alan Colmes made some kind of argument that Alito's decision may have denigrated religion because it required secular symbols such as Frosty the Snowman along with the Creche. I couldn't understand what he was trying to say but, thank God, it didn't seem to involve stealing Christmas!

Nevertheless, Sean Hannity ended the segment by complaining about "the intolerant left." He knows this is no time to rest on one's laurels. Not when there are 54 more days before Christmas.

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