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Hume Spins Bush's Incredible Shrinking Support on Dayside

Reported by Janie - November 2, 2005

Yesterday (11/1) Brit Hume was back on Dayside, this time to discuss a recent Gallup Poll indicating that 55% of Americans believe Bush's presidency is a failure.

JH: "Here's a new Gallup poll, according to this poll 55% of all Americans now believe the Bush presidency is a failure."

MJ: "Does this all go back to Iraq and the fact that it's not going well?"

BH: "Yeah, I think it goes to a couple of things and Iraq is one of them and the fact that Iraq is perceived as not going well although there have been some recent notable successes in Iraq and the military analysts that we're talking to here that have recently been there are saying that the situation with the Iraqi military has improved noticeably."

Comment: If it's so noticeable, then why is Hume seemingly the only person outside of the administration that has noticed it? Less than two weeks ago, it was reported that the Iraqi military needs more time, and it could take up to two years for them to be ready. If we've been there two years already, how is needing two MORE years progress?

He continued: So that will take time to penetrate, but that is part of the issue, and the other is of course fuel prices have been so strikingly high, even now after they've come down. These are the kinds of things that people feel. And you also have a general atmosphere of turbulence, you know you've got this terrible weather that's afflicted the southeast and indeed some other parts of the country with terrible storm damage. You know, people don't consciously say to themselves, I wish the president hadn't sent those storms, but he didn't get very good marks for the initial response to Katrina in particular..."

Comment: That's because Bush chose to not do anything at ALL as his initial response to Katrina.

JH: "Well also, you have the Harriet Miers issue, you've got the Valerie Plame saga. The suggestion by Democrats and some Republicans is the only way the President is going to make any sort of come back is to effectively clean house, and the indications are, at least from his posse, it's not going to happen any time soon. Is that likely?"

BH: "Well, I think it's unlikely. You've got to look at who's suggesting that. Chuck Shumer and David Gergen and people like that who are not particularly admirers of this administration will weigh into that effect."

Comment: Hume ignores the fact that Senator Trent Lott (R - MS) and William Niskanen of the libertarian Cato Institute have also called for Rove's resignation. Hume attempts to brush this away as more partisanship from the Democrats, while clearly ignoring that politicians from both sides of the aisle are making this demand.

Hume finished with: " I think what you have now is a situation where the president is not going to simply able to sell this by making a series of good speeches, although good speeches can help, what will probably need to happen for the president to recover on Iraq is, for the situation there to become increasingly under the control of the Iraqis, for that political process to move forward, and for American troops to at least start coming home. One senses that that would make a big difference."

Comment: This segment was clearly not fair nor balanced, as Hume was the only person interviewed on this particular topic. What was extraordinarily interesting was what happened at the end of the segment. Huddy had to cut Hume off for a Fox News Alert, and sent the show over to Rumsfeld's press briefing, which on Dayside began with: "...harbored and rewarded terrorists, filled mass graves with hundreds of thousands of its own people, these parliamentary elections are taking place under a new Constitution…." Coincidence? You decide.

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