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Hannity's Gotcha Question That Didn't

Reported by Ellen - November 2, 2005

Sean Hannity was in bully mode last night during a discussion about the record of Judge Samuel Alito. When guest Eleanor Smeal, president of Feminist Majority, elegantly avoided his gotcha question, Hannity started berating her. But Smeal was not intimidated and threw it right back at him.

Last night's gotcha question was "Eleanor, is there any justice that was nominated that thought that Roe v. Wade was bad law, could you ever support them?"

Smeal neatly avoided the trap by saying she is for "saving women's fundamental rights."

Hannity interrupted to angrily declare that that wasn't what he asked her. "Answer my question!"

Smeal, said it's a basic fundamental right for privacy and that it goes way beyond abortion to the right of birth control.

Hannity, even more frustrated, started waving his pen around. "This is an important question." Ever the hypocrite, he accused her of having a litmus test.

"I want you to know that the reason we're worried about this appointment goes well beyond abortion. It goes to sex discrimination law."

Hannity turned condescending. "Relax. Answer my question."

"We look at the whole picture and the whole picture of this judge has us very worried and that's why we're opposing..."

"I'm not asking you about this judge... But the point is you have a litmus test."

"No, no no. You know, if anybody has a litmus test, our opponents do."

Next, Hannity combined condescending with angry. Now waving his whole hand around, he said, "You are not open-minded, you have a litmust test, and you have your little agenda that you're gonna push forward here, and the point is you're biased..."

Smeal interrupted to say she supported Sandra Day O'Connor.

Perhaps feeling vulnerable over not being feared, Hannity pulled out his security-blanket - a Bill Clinton analogy. "Republicans, for example, supported Ruth Bader Ginsburg.... They deferred to the results of the election."

Smeal didn't take the bait. "I think you should not just point fingers."

Colmes ended the segment saying that conservatives have a litmust test, and maybe the president does, too.

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