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Hannity and FOX News Keep Those Supreme Court Lies Coming

Reported by Ellen - November 1, 2005

You'd think that the host of a network news show wouldn't want to tarnish his reputation by repeating the same untruth night after night and you'd think that the management of that network might not want to tarnish its own reputation (especially when they're always declaring their integrity) with those falsehoods. But not Sean Hannity and not FOX News. They are oblivious to the truth.

Here were tonight's lies, same as last night's lies, and probably the same as tomorrow's:

Speaking to Catherine Crier, author and Court TV host, Hannity declared, "Bill Clinton wins an election - a hard fought election, he's the president, he gets to nominate people to the Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I think when you look at her position on the age of consent that she wanted to lower to 12... Believed in legalizing prostitution, thought polygamy may be a Constitutional right... "

As Media Matters wrote in response to last night's falsehood: A 1974 report co-authored by Ginsburg did address the constitutionality of prohibitions on prostitution and did refer to legislation that set the age of consent at 12 years. But Ginsburg did not assert a position on either issue. (My emphasis.)

Also, as Alan Colmes pointed out, Ginsburg was a consensus nominee, recommended to Clinton by Republican Senator Orrin Hatch. She was not some radical that the Republicans confirmed out of respect for Clinton, the way Hannity repeatedly tries to (falsely) claim.

Unless he was wearing earplugs, Hannity must have heard Colmes say that Ginsburg was a consensus nominee. In fact, Hannity must have heard it more than once because Colmes said the same thing the night before and on other nights, too. But during the next segment, Hannity went right back to his myth.

Speaking this time to Eleanor Smeal, of Feminist Majority, Hannity said, "Republicans, for example, supported Ruth Bader Ginsburg... They deferred to the results of the election."

Demand that FOX News and Hannity tell the truth!

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