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Fox Says Democrats Mad There Weren't More Indictments - That's Why They Called For Secret Senate Session

Reported by Donna - November 1, 2005

Today on Studio B the breaking news came in at the top of the hour, but Shepard Smith, where breaking news can change everything (their new slogan) didn't fit it in until 35 minutes into the show. Smith spoke with Major Garrett about the secret session that was called by Harry Reid, (D-Nevada), Senate Minority Leader.

It seems that the Democrats have been waiting for phase two of the investigation into the prewar intelligence for going to war with Iraq.

After a brief explanation from Major Garrett and a procedural statement from Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), Smith asked Major Garrett, "All labels aside, Major, let's look at the quality of this. Last week ,according to those even deeply embedded in the Republican Party, may have been the worst ever politically speaking for the president.

On Monday he comes out and makes a new nomination which unites the base and brings them in. Today he gets up and talks about bird flu which is no doubt a concern and gets this indictment, the war, the rest of it off the front pages. Is this, for lack of a better phrase, a way for the Democrats to get back control of the headlines?"

Major Garrett: "Look, one thing that is true in politics is good policy is always good politics. (Comment: We've been waiting 5 years for good policies, how much longer do we have to wait?) But what Democrats thought was going to happen last Friday was going to be a much larger indictment, not only in a legal sense but in a broader polictical sense in the way the administration dealt with the war in Iraq.

They did not get that. Not only was there only one indictment, not to minimize the importance of that, (Comment: That's exactly why he said it) but they thought and expectation was that there could be as many as 3 or 4 indictments of senior administration officials either present or past. That didn't happen. Moreover, in his press conference the Special Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, said this indictment, this case is not about the war. If you've got grievances about this, take them elsewhere.

Democrats are now trying to take it elsewhere and the place they've started is the floor of the United States Senate, visible only to them, however."

Comments: For most of the segment Fox ran a banner that said 'Senate Holds Closed Session On Libby Indictment'. Well, this wasn't the main reason that they had the closed session. They specifically want to know why the Republicans are delaying the investigation of phase II of the misuse of the intelligence to go into war with Iraq.

Always the apologists, Garrett had to speculate that the Democrats were 'mad' that only Libby was indicted last week. I don't think so. I think the Democrats got up off their butts and refused to allow this president to steer us off course onto bird flu vaccines so we would forget all about misleading us into war with regards to prewar intelligence. A new CNN/USA Today poll shows that 53% of the American people believe that the president and his administration deliberately mislead us into a war with Iraq. Last time I looked, that was a majority of the American public.

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