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FOX Begins Post Indictment Clean Up Operations

Reported by Deborah - October 28, 2005

There was a parade of reporters and strategists on Big Story today offering their individual perspectives on the Scooter Libby indictment today and the general message was clear. It's all over now and everything will be fine so let's clean up the mess and get back to normal. 10/28/05

Wendall Goler reported on the Presidential reaction saying that Bush was "close to business as usual" attending a fundraiser and delivering a War on Terror speech. A brief clip of Bush was shown doing his "I got a job to do" routine.

This was followed by Steve Centanni with a segment about "Who is Scooter Libby?" Centanni and Gibson shifted to a discussion about how Valerie Plame had already been outed before Libby talked about her. Gibson claimed that Wilson went around introducing his CIA wife to everyone. Centanni said that Plame was covered by a statute but was already outed.

Of course, Dick Morris appeared to talk about how the President can "dig out" now as if the investigation was over and there were no other problems in his Administration. His analysis of Bush's problems was unbelievable.
" He's out of gas. There are no new ideas because of his success. What's left for him to do?
Morris thought the President should start a massive campaign for energy independence promoting alternative fuel.
Morris added, " Problem is Bush is oil guy."

The parade continued with Terry Holt claiming that everyone sighed with relief today because Bush needs Karl Rove adding that the anticipation was worse than the announcement. Holt stated that President Bush can turn the corner and be reborn. Gibson quoted Tim Russert who suggested that now the President can start fresh.

In the final segment, Gibson read E-Mails from Bush supporters claiming they were still behind him.

comment: It was really amazing that the spinmeisters would try the same old flim flam today. They were able to narrow the field of vision so Scooter Libby became the only problem. Libby became the rogue soiling the White House just like Lyndie Englund at Abu Ghraib. This time it's not going to work and they know it .

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