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Fox Political Analyst - Joseph Wilson Lied, The White House Told The Truth

Reported by Donna - October 26, 2005

While experiencing some difficulties in taping today, I did manage to catch a Fox Political Analyst, Michael Barrone, bring out the old 'blame the victim' excuse on Studio B with Shepard Smith today. He said that Joseph Wilson was a liar and the White House was telling the truth.

Since I hadn't heard this bit for quite some time from Fox it took me back a bit and I thought I'd share it with you.

Smith and Barrone were talking about the similarities between these possible indictments and what happened to President Clinton.

(Partial transcript: verbatim, but pretty much word for word)

Shepard Smith: One's about sex and one's about selling a war, right?

Michael Barrone: They're different politically. This whole case arose out of a public policy dispute. You had the people in the White House trying to discredit Joseph Wilson. It turned out the people in the White House were telling the truth. Joseph Wilson is (in?) the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report was telling lies about it.

SS: Now, wait just a minute. There wasn't any yellow cake in Niger, none of that stuff was going on, was it?

The discussion went on about Joe Wilson saying documents were forged but the documents didn't turn up until eight months later. (Comment: I didn't get it, this is what Joe Wilson supposedly lied about?) And, who cares? The case is about outing his CIA covert agent wife, Valerie Plame, and whether there were any other crimes involved. Last time I looked Joe Wilson was not the focus of any grand jury investigation.

Comments: The first thing out of the Fox political analyst's mouth was that Joseph Wilson was a liar and the White House told the truth. This is a deliberately misleading statement and completely not germane to the conversation on who might be indicted for a crime here. I will give Smith credit for stopping him and announcing that there was no evidence of yellow cake uranium in Niger, but Barrone went on with his 'attack the victim' spiel instead of addressing the issue.

The story is about if White House administration personnel will be indicted in the traitorgate/Valerie Plame leak. Why is it that the right wing always has to attack the victim instead of answering the questions? I'm sorry, but I have to think that Fox is running scared here to pull out this old, Republican talking point. What's your take?

Please stay on topic - traitorgate and the possible indictments, not untrue attacks on Joe Wilson.

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