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US DoJ OSC website up; viewers left wondering WHAT website? Huh?

Reported by Chrish - October 25, 2005

In a variation from the normal two segments, two topics format of the "All-stars" panel on Special Report Monday 10/24/05, Brit Hume changed the subject midway through the second segment. He asked the panel what their opinions are on what Patrick Fitzgerald may do in the coming week as far as indictments in the CIA leak case.

Mara Liasson said there are indictments in the air in Washington DC and everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats (and a lot are in good humor from what you sound, commented Hume.) Mort Kondracke was more graphic, saying the hyenas are circling, waiting for a body to be thrown out to pounce on and eat, and they're hoping it's Karl Rove's body. Hume asked him if Mara was one of the hyenas; no, no, no, no, no.... Fred Barnes said the hyenas know who they are.

Hume re-directed the conversation asking what they all thought was the meaning of the creation of "the website", which at this point is pretty empty except for a few documents. (Hume was looking at Barnes throughout the question.) Barnes answered that Fitzgerald forgot to put the website up; Kondracke postulates that it doesn't look like he (Fitzgerald) is going out of business, and Liasson says that Fitzgerald spokesperson Sanborn said he's been meaning to do it for some time. Kondracke interjects that the "I-word" has been spoken, ("impeachment" uttered on FOX!) and Hume says that's it for the panel, shut up! Giggles and goes to break.

Comment: Viewers were not directed to "the website" where they could follow the facts of the case themselves. Stay tuned to FOX and they'll tell you all you need to know to remain ignorant and supportive, yet feeling informed.

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