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What FOX Didn't Mention About Toledo

Reported by Deborah - October 23, 2005

The Neo Nazi March that ended with an angry uprising in Toledo, Ohio was a FOX favorite this week. Last night John Kasich returned to the story interviewing two EMTs who became caught up in the violence and a local Pastor who spoke for residents of the neighborhood affected by the incident. The EMTs had ample time to talk about their experience but the Pastor was cut off just as he was about to discuss the feelings of the community.

This morning on NBC, Sunday Morning, there was a report about the incidents leading up to this racial turmoil and viewers learned how a Virginia based Neo Nazi group happened to land in Toledo, Ohio. 10/23/05

The two paramedics told Kasich how they responded to calls to treat people injured by tear gas. When they arrived, there were people throwing bricks and two EMTs were injured. Kasich asked them to describe the scene and his questions centered on the violence. There were no questions about the tear gas that police threw into the crowd of people protesting the Neo Nazis and no questions about the Neo Nazis.

Pastor Mansoor Bey came on by phone and Kasich asked him, "Who are these punks?" Pastor Bey told Kasich that he had just attended a meeting with the residents of the affected neighborhood and many of them asked that the people arrested not be prosecuted because they were incited to violence. Bey was about to explain the full situation when Kasich ended the segment mid conversation.

The Sunday Morning report found the person who started the chain of events leading to disaster. The middle aged white man was interviewed in front of his house with a three foot fence around his tiny plot of grass. He explained that he wanted to keep the neighborhood kids off the grass adding that he likes kids but not bad kids. Interestingly enough, all the kids in his neighborhood are black.

Then this person showed the reporter his hidden cameras which he uses to film the neighbood kids to catch them committing crimes. He excitedly showed a video of two pre teen kids walking across the street and standing by a parked car. When asked what crime they committed, he claimed that they were about to do something and he would catch them. The reporter spoke to the mother of one of the kids this man accused of being a gang member. The woman looked disgusted and took him inside to meet the gang member who turned out to be a little kid drawing hearts in a school notebook.

It turns out that this paranoid man had called the police 73 times with false accusations about different kids in the neighborhood. It became so outrageous that it was a front page story which might have reached Virginia and the Neo Nazi's looking for action.

The Neo Nazis claimed that they were helping residents who were being harrassed by gangs. In reality, the Neo Nazi's helped themselves by creating enough tension that would eventually erupt in violence making the African American community look bad. Then FOX News runs with their story and everyone is happy except the people of Toledo.

comment: Since FOX was there as soon as the violence erupted, there was ample chance to get more information from residents living near the violence. All the stories that I saw on FOX made the people driven to rage look like dangerous, uncivilized monsters. All the FNC contributors agreed that there is never any excuse for violence in any situation. Yes, I agree with them in theory. However if a Neo Nazi group came to my neighborhood claiming that I was a problem to my neighbors and the local police protected them but tear gassed me, I would be infuriated enough to pick up a brick and throw it too.

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