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Instant Re-Re-Replay

Reported by Nancy - October 21, 2005 -

Today (10/21) on FNL the last hour of the program was essentially a repeat of Tuesday's program, substituting an alert for a "suspicious package" in a vehicle in Washington DC for the unspecified alert that closed Baltimore MD tunnels. Bill Hemmer anchored the hour, with repeat reports from Catherine Herridge in DC & multiple telephone intervews with a variety of retired law enforcement officers. FNL was so worried that they might miss an explosion they didn't even go to a commercial break for the entire hour.

For further details, please see my report from Tuesday & substitute "DC" for "Baltimore" & "car" for "tunnel" & you'll have the essence of the entire hour. Even Herridge eventually characterized it as being "in a holding pattern" when Hemmer asked her for an update for the umpteenth time.

Comments: I'm really torn about which is worse: an entire hour of repeating the same information, or the usual Friday Fluff & Eye Candy. For now, I'm going with the entire hour devoted to speculation on one tiny piece of information. If they keep this up, they might as well rename this program "Alert Du Jour" & be done with it.

Here are some of the major stories that weren't covered during this hour of "hard news" (their tag line, not mine):
*Traitorgate (although Hemmer did mention that the incident was occurring near the courthouse where Rove testified to the grand jury)
*Iraq/Afghanistan/War on Terror
*Harriet Miers (e.g., revelations about how much the Bush campaign paid her law firm)

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's focus on one story to exclude other news -- please concentrate only on the 3 other stories I mentioned above). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.