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Fairy Tales For The Defeated On FOX

Reported by Deborah - October 20, 2005

According to the Special Report panel tonight, Bush will recover in time and the notion of a cabal between Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld is all a misunderstanding. Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke and Mara Liasson deserve credit for their creative attempts to paint an optimistic picture for the Bush Administration but despite the effort, they came out looking pathetic and defeated. 10/20/05

Hume asked the panel to discuss how Bush is doing with all the problems he faces now. Mort Kondracke defended Bush as always saying that he didn't recieve the credit he deserves for the Iraq Election on Saturday but was compelled to say, " I can't say he's in great shape.
Mara Liasson offered hope that if Iraq stablizes and some other problems are resolved he could most likely regain support.
Fred Barnes claimed that Bush is " a self disciplined guy" who doesn't waste his time listening to the Washington buzz. "What would he be doing anyway, fretting about Karl Rove and the CIA leak?"

Then Hume wanted their take on the comment from Lawrence Wilkerson who was chief of staff for Colin Powell. Wilkerson claimed that there was a cabal between Cheney and Rumsfeld concerning Iraq and decisions were made without consulting the State Department.

Mara Liasson claimed that Colin Powell doesn't seem to have any complaints and it's ridiculous to think that Cheney and Rumsfeld have no right to make decisions together.
Kondaracke thought Wilkerson was saying this because Powell and the State Department were cut out and "stuff was decided without getting input." He insisted that it wasn't a secret cabal because it was discussed all the time on FNC.
Barnes was the most creative getting into a detailed explanation of the Washington establishment and how they created this idea because they never believed that Bush was in charge. Finally Brit Hume stated that Colin Powell is such an honorable man that he would have resigned if there had been a secret cabal.

comment: They reminded me tonight of a family comforting each other after someone they had depended on was exposed and disgraced. They just can't get their minds around the truth that is vividly plain to the world. Now all the believers, lulled by the comfort of the solidarity that allowed them to believe the lies, are awakening to the truth. It's a compelling process to watch.

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