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"Woe Is Me"! Big Bully O'Reilly Tells Viewers to Boycott Dallas Morning News Because A Columnist Was Mean to Him

Reported by Marie Therese - October 19, 2005

On last night's O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly whined once more about yet another media outlet that hurt his feelings. This time it was the Dallas Morning News and one of its opinion columnists, Macarena Hernandez, who dared to used his name in vain in her October 15th column (registration required).

To hear Bill tell it, her column partially blames his broadcast for six murders of immigrant workers in Georgia. He was so incensed by what she had to say that he devoted his Talking Points Memo and two segments to railing loudly against Hernandez and the Morning News.

From the Talking Points Memo:
"So, what Miss Hernandez is telling her readers is that this program preaches hate and encourages murder. That's what this dishonest woman is doing. Now, first of all, we have no callers on the O'Reilly Factor, as anybody who watched the program knows. So Hernandez doesn't know what she's talkin' about. I suspect she got her information from some smear website. Secondly, I'm on record time and again as sympathizing with Mexican workers."

He then aired two video clips in which he claimed that if he were an indigent Mexican worker he'd try to cross the border as well, praising them as hard-working, good people.

O'Reilly continued the Memo, saying "So there's the proof that Macarena Hernandez is a liar. This isn't a matter of opinion. This is a matter of deceit. You want more? How about this. Ms. Hernandez fails to report the alleged killers of the six Mexicans in Georgia are criminal thugs, who wanted money. Immigration had nothin' to do with it. Shockingly, the Dallas Morning News allowed the column to be printed, allowed Miss Hernandez to level the worst possible charge, that we encourage murder, without checkin' anything out. Talk about promoting hate! Hernandez and that paper are right in the forefront. There's no excuse for this! This is far beyond the limits of responsible journalism. The publisher of the paper, James Moroney, dodged our calls all day long. Hernandez refused to appear this evening as did her editors. There's something very wrong at the Dallas Morning News and that guy Moroney is responsible."

"Talking Points realizes American journalism is disintegrating quickly. There are few standards anymore. Left-wing ideologues like Ms. Hernandez, who has a Master's Degree from California Berkeley, are running wild with hateful invectives on an almost daily basis. But for Hernandez to write a column this vile is beyond the pale. There's no excuse for that. If you'd like to tell the Dallas Morning News exactly what you think, we posted their email on BillOReilly.com."

[Aside: Ms. Hernandez is an OPINION Columnist, not a reporter. O'Reilly often labels himself as an "OPINION journalist." I fail to see how he can vilify her for doing what he does, i.e., expressing an OPINION.]

In his first segment O'Reilly interviewed two professors who offered essentially the same opinion, i.e., Bill O'Reilly is wonderful and Ms. Hernandez and the Morning News are definitely in the wrong. Later, he conversed with conservative talk show host Darrell Ankarlo of 570 KLIF radio in Dallas/Fort Worth. O'Reilly conveniently forgot to mention that KLIF is a FOX affiliate that carries the "Radio Factor."

KLIF is the radio station that set up a broadcast feed directly across from Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas this past summer. According to Randi Rhodes' website, an eyewitness claimed that the KLIF DJ "turned up his speakers pretty loud and said, 'Meet with me, Cindy,' and then commented that Cindy wouldn't come out to be interviewed by him." That DJ was allegedly Darrell Ankarlo.

In her column Macarena Hernandez wrote:

When Paul Johnson, the mayor of Tifton [Georgia] where three of the four attacks took place, responded by flying the Mexican flag at City Hall, some residents complained. "I did that as an expression of sorrow for the Hispanic community," he told reporters. "For those who were offended, I apologize, but I think it was the right thing to do."

Were the complainers angrier about the red, white and green Mexican flag fluttering in the Georgia air than they were about the horrific murders? Do they watch Fox's The O'Reilly Factor, where the anchor and the callers constantly point to the southern border as the birth of all America's ills? (Sample comment: "Each one of those people is a biological weapon.")

It's pretty clear (to this News Hound, at least) that Ms. Hernandez merely got the O'Reilly Factor and the Radio Factor mixed up. She made a mistake, but to hear O'Reilly tell it, she deliberately lied.

O'Reilly said: "Now, I used to live in Dallas and have kept up with the Dallas Morning News. I never really figured it to be a far left paper so what the heck's goin' on here. ... Apparently the Dallas Morning News is standing by this woman or whatever, which is really - shows you the arrogance of the paper because the woman lied. I mean, we have never, ever whipped up hatred in any way, shape or form against undocumented worker, illegal aliens - whatever you want to call 'em."

O'Reilly then went on to read stats about the Dallas Morning News' declining readership and then said: "I'm going to call for people to cancel the subscriptions to the paper if they don't apologize. I don't believe they will."


What a hypocrite this guy is!

I encourage our readers to contact James Moroney, publisher of the Dallas Morning News at jmoroney@dallasnews.com and let him know that (a) you support freedom of speech and (b) if you are a subscriber, that you intend to keep your subscription active. Granted News Hounds doesn't reach the millions that the Factor does, but somebody's got to counter O'Reilly's latest crusade against the truth. Ms. Hernandez got her basic facts right, even if she got the name of the show wrong. According to Media Matters, the exchange she described did, in fact, take place.

As for that nonsense about not fanning the flames of hatred, I offer the following smorgasbord of vintage O'Reilly immigrant-bashing:

December 2, 2002
O'REILLY: In the unresolved problem segment tonight, while on vacation last week, I was down to Corpus Christie, Texas, a couple of hours north of the Mexican border. And the good folks down there are under siege, as are millions of Americans living on or near the border.

February 24, 2003
O'REILLY: Thanks for staying with us. I'm Bill O'Reilly.

In THE FACTOR "Follow-Up" Segment tonight, last week, we told you that the Ford Foundation has donated almost $60 million to immigration groups that want to keep American borders open.

Two footnotes: The Ford Foundation has nothing to do with the Ford Motor Company. And THE FACTOR factor wants all Americans, no matter where they come from, to have freedom and a happy life.

But we also want to be protected from illegal immigration.

Joining us now from Washington, William Hawkins, the author of the book "Importing Revolution: Open Borders and the Radical Agenda," and Dan Stein, executive director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Now I also want to tell you that we have tried for more than two weeks to get somebody from the Ford Foundation to give their point of view. They choose not to.

So, Mr. Hawkins, take it away. Why is this foundation so intent on having liberal border policy?

WILLIAM HAWKINS, AUTHOR< "IMPORTING REVOLUTION: OPEN BORDERS AND THE RADICAL AGENDA": Well, I think you have to go back to when they started this big funding of open border groups, and it goes back to the '60s.

Now you can look at it one way and say -- and this is the way the Ford Foundation would sell it -- is that it was a natural outgrowth of the civil-rights movement of the '60s, that the civil-rights movement was about blacks and that -- and that it would be expanded to cover other minority groups, mainly Hispanics.

But there's a fundamental difference, though, that I think goes beyond this because the blacks -- American blacks have been here for generations and generations. In fact, they have a longer lineage here than a lot of immigrant groups that we think of now as nativists.

There was other things going on in the '60s as well, though, and that was the anti-war movement, the Vietnam War, which the left saw as the West versus the Third World.

And they're looking at bringing other people in, in the case of open borders, bringing people from -- from Mexico but other Third-World countries -- mainly Mexico but other places as well -- and what they were -- saw in the '60s was that the American working class had become the middle class, had become part of the establishment.

We all remember or heard of how the hard hats, the construction workers, went out into the streets and fought against the anti-war demonstrators, against the hippies, that the working class had become middle class, had essentially, from the left's perspective, sold out.

So what do you do? Well, you bring in a new working class. You bring in a class from the Third World, which can be kept alienated, will be less educated, impoverished, less skilled, will be at the bottom of the rung of the economic ladder, and can essentially be expected to be -- to stay there, to a large extent.

This group then gives you a new constituency, a new alienated proletariat, that can then fulfill the left's dream of a vanguard of the revolution...

October 8, 2003
O'Reilly interview with former California Governor Pete Wilson. Watch the video at American Patrol, a rabidly anti-Hispanic site, thinly disguised as pro-border safety, which describes this video in this way: "Mexicans want illegal immigration. This is not about jobs -- it is about RECONQUISTA - and treason."

January 12, 2004 Jewish National Review (excerpt)
Finally, it is a pipe dream to think that allowing millions of poorly educated people to assimilate into the USA will not be without unintended consequences. Under the program, millions of illegals will be bringing family members here, and their period of adjustment will not be easy.

Right now, 34 percent of all LEGAL Mexican immigrants are on welfare, and 25 percent of illegals are getting government assistance. That number will not decline as some illegals will make it and some will not.

So get set for massive new human smuggling operations as the world's gangsters see gold at the end of the illegal immigration rainbow. Billions of people the world over would love to come to America. President Bush has not solved the immigration and may have made it much worse. Ten years from today this country will be a much different place. Count on it.

March 17, 2005 (BillOReilly.com column (excerpt)
All of this was very good news for the likes of Ebner Anibal Rivera Pax, who committed a multitude of crimes against Americans without much punishment. While Rivera Paz ran around hurting people, Mr. Bush carried the state of New Mexico.

I don't want to sound cynical, but there is no question that both political parities are not looking out for you regarding the immigration mess. This column has stated before that it will take another 9/11 before we the people demand that elected officials protect us. It will take blood in the streets. Most Americans have no idea what kind of danger they are facing, and the elite media will never tell them. Once again, it is politically incorrect to mention that immigration laws must be enforced and the borders effectively monitored.

Immigrant bashing is an ugly thing. But demanding that U.S. authorities enforce laws already on the books is not bashing anyone. Two months ago President Bush swore to uphold the laws of the land. It is time he did.

March 23, 2005
There are currently 11 million illegal aliens residing in the USA right now, six million of them Mexicans. Eighty percent of Mexican migration to America is illegal. And there are currently 34 million immigrants living here, the highest in U.S. history.

There's no question that having 11 million people running around unaccounted for is chaos and a gross violation of U.S. law, yet little is being done about the situation for political reasons.

The Republicans believe Hispanic-Americans will provide votes, and, indeed, President Bush picked up 9 percent more Hispanic votes last November than he did the first time around. The irony is "Talking Points" believes that Hispanic-Americans like most of us want illegal immigration controlled and would not punish a politician for doing that.

The left-wing media, however, would. Any president who cracked down on illegal aliens would be demonized and accused of bigotry. Politicians know this, and they are frightened.

April 25, 2005
O'REILLY: "Next on the rundown, brutal crimes, gangs running wild, social chaos all caused by certain cities not enforcing immigration laws. Will anything be done about these sanctuary cities? That in a moment."

April 27, 2005
O'REILLY: "We are living in dangerous times, as you know. Hostile forces overseas want to kill us. Hostile forces within the USA want drastic changes in this country, including open borders. Some Americans have figured the danger out. Most have not." (Talking Points Memo)

May 12, 2005
O'REILLY: "The battle over illegal immigration heats up: that is the subject of this evening's 'Talking Points Memo.'

"First of all, our condolences to the families of Denver detectives John Bishop and Donald Young, both shot, apparently, by a 19-year-old illegal alien who confessed the crime to his girlfriend. The man, Raul Garcia-Gomez, is still at large. Detective Young died.

"Now, that terrible crime comes on the heels of a New York housewife being murdered by another illegal. We'll get to that in a moment."

May 30, 2005
O'Reilly's Column, Jewish World Review (excerpt):
"A new study by the 'Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus,' which is fighting illegal immigration, says that deploying 36,000 military personnel to back up the Border Patrol would stop the flow of people from the south and severely dent the narcotics traffic as well. This, of course, is the immediate solution to the problem, and President Bush could do that with a stroke of the pen, he could simply sign an executive order, and it would happen.

"But the president will most likely not do that, and the chaos will continue. Illegals will die in the desert, border states will face bankruptcy from providing services to thousands of non-citizens, and some very bad people will enter this country unsupervised.

"It is hard to image that Jesus would be down with that picture, but I could be wrong. Caesar certainly would not have permitted it. And so the debate goes on — the compassionate people versus the mean people."

June 21, 2005
BILL O'REILLY: "Impact segment tonight. As you know Governor Schwarzenegger was viciously attacked after he called for the Mexican border to be secured and in the Miami Herald some pinhead called CNN's Lou Dobbs and me, your humble correspondent, anti-Hispanic for wanting the borders secure as well. That's one tactic being used to keep the borders open, but there's another, more subtle one in play as well.

"In the past few months at least 12 articles have appeared about students in this country illegally who have done very well academically. The articles appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Houston Chronicle and other mainly progressive papers. In addition, the New York Times has run more than one hundred gay-related stories in the past six months - a hundred! - the majority very positive. So, what's goin' on?"

July 28, 2005 BillOReilly.com column (excerpt)
"But The New York Times was even worse. In an editorial, the paper stated: 'Mr. [Steve] Levy [Suffolk County, NY executive] sang the law-enforcement tune ... bemoaning the dread danger posed by Latino flophouses and charging that TV stations and newspapers ... had been wrong to point out the problems with Mr. Levy's callous assault on slumlords."

"Callous assault on slumlords? Is the New York Times kidding? This Dias woman is a parasite who ruined an entire neighborhood and exploited destitute individuals for money. And Levy's insistence that the law be enforced is a 'callous assault' on her?

"This is what we have come to in America. Despicable behavior is now justified by media people so steeped in bone-headed ideology they literally can't think straight.

"The folks living on Woodmont Place are finally rid of a dangerous situation that should have never been allowed to exist. Illegal aliens have no right to live on your block; they are not supposed to be in this country. Soulless slumlords have no right to violate building codes and destroy neighborhoods. Irresponsible media have no right to attack a public servant who is enforcing the law and looking out for the folks.

"Woodmont Place has been liberated. But there are many other battles to be fought."

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