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Studio B Shows Video of Harriet Miers Meeting With Sen Arlen Specter, But Did Not Include Her Conversation With Him

Reported by Donna - October 19, 2005

I watched Studio B with Shepard Smith yesterday and saw a segment on Harriet Miers and there was discussion about her possible stance on abortion. The segment was detailed and showed a lot of footage of Harriet Miers sitting and speaking with Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA).

What Fox didn't include and I didn't find out until later when I was watching CNN was that Senator Specter had said that Harriet Miers had told him in private that she supported the Griswold case and the right to privacy. Specter said that Miers had said Griswold was "rightly decided." The Griswold case was used in basis for the ruling of Roe v Wade. Senator Specter added that she believed there is a right to privacy in the Constitution.

However, later, the White House said that Senator Specter had misunderstood her. Senator Specter did say that Miers had called him to tell him that she thought he misunderstood her. Senator Specter said that he had accepted that she had called and that she said he had misunderstood her.

But some weren't so convinced.

From CNN:

David Frum, a former speechwriter for President Bush who has been highly critical of the Miers nomination, said that the episode with Specter raises troubling new questions about her.

"I don't think that she is going to continue to be able to play this question both ways," Frum said. "It's remarkable and disturbing that James Dobson would be left with the impression Harriet Miers completely agrees with his position against Roe, and that Arlen Specter was left with the impression that she agrees with his position on Roe."

Bush weighed in, "She's been consistently ranked as one of the top 50 women lawyers in the United States," he added. "She has been a leader in the legal profession. She's impressed these folks. They know her well. They know that she'll bring excellence to the bench."

However, the LA Times counters:

Bush's comment on her ranking was an apparent reference to a list published in the National Law Journal, a legal newspaper. In 1998, Miers was named one of the 50 most influential female lawyers, in large part because of the posts she held as head of the Texas Lottery Commission and as the personal attorney for Bush, then the state's governor.

Comments: I found it interesting that Fox chose to show their audience the pictures of Harriet Miers and Senator Arlen Specter but didn't choose to put words to that story. A new report that came up, that Fox did address, had Miers' answers on a questionnaire from the anti-abortion group, Texans United for Life. From this questionnaire one could assume that this would placate the concerns of many on the conservative right that she would be a reliable vote on the Supreme Court if changes to Roe vs. Wade come under consideration.

Miers was asked 10 questions about the volatile issue, and each time she came down on the side of the anti-abortion movement.

As far as the president's comments, he apparently misunderstood (or would that be misunderestimated?) and thought 'influential' meant 'best.'

What to make of this? Did Studio B just show the video of Miers with Arlen but not the content of the 1 1/2 hour meeting so that their audience didn't see that she may have revealed to Specter that she believed that there is a right to privacy in the Constitution, though later recanted? Or do they just want their audience to believe the old questionaire that contains written proof that she is anti choice?

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