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Shepard Smith Must Have Found New Info On TraitorGate

Reported by Donna - October 19, 2005

On October 12, I reported here on News Hounds that Shepard Smith said he would not report any further on the CIA Valerie Plame leak unless there was something new. Either today was that day or he couldn't help but report on it since it is being extensively carried by the other networks.

The 'new' information was an article that Smith referred to in the NY Times (registration required) that said that the Special Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, did not intend to file a final report and if he doesn't this 'heightens expectations' that indictments are forthcoming.

Smith spoke with Wendall Goler at the White House and my transcript follows: (Verbatim, but pretty much word for word)

Wendall Goler: Shep, the New York Times says if he does not issue a report, Patrick Fitzgerald will have to issue indictments or he'll have nothing to show for his 2 year investigation. But, lawyers for the two White House officials (Comment: Notice he doesn't name them) most often mentioned in this investigation ,say their clients are not targets of the investigation. Still, some Justice Department officials say that Fitzgerald may not even have the authority to issue a report, so, it's back to the indictments. (Video of Special Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzpatrick)

Reporters are putting the spotlight on Fitzgerald because there are less than 2 weeks left before his grand jury's term expires. He's been looking into who leaked the name of CIA Analyst, Valerie Plame. after her diplomat husband challenged the president's claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium in Africa. (Pictures of Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson)

Aides say Mr. Bush wants to know. (Switch to video of Scotty McClellan)

Scotty McClellan: In terms of how he is going to proceed, I'm not going to speculate about that or prejudge it. We all would like to know what the facts are. We don't know what all the facts are. (Comment: Didn't McClellan say when the leak story first hit that no one at the White House was involved?)

Wendall Goler: The NY Daily News says that President Bush sharply rebuked his Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief Political Advisor, Karl Rove (Comment: Ahh, there's the name) after the leak made headlines in 2003. McClellan challenged the report's accuracy. (Video of Karl Rove)

Goler finished up the report with some talk about Judith Miller and the possibility of a federal shield law.

Comments: I think that Studio B has stayed away from this story for the past 7 days, but yielding to all of the coverage on all of the networks, had to address it.

I thought it was interesting the way that Goler put it about Joe Wilson "who challenged the president's claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium in Africa." Didn't Joe Wilson prove that the claim was false? It was also interesting that McClellan stated that the president "wants to know the facts." Wouldn't the president already know the facts of his most trusted advisor?

All in all an apologist story from Fox.

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