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Hollywood lilheart.jpg Rupert Murdoch

Reported by Chrish - October 19, 2005

The folks at Hollywood Reporter are going to bestow the title "Innovator of the Year" on Rupert Murdoch, we're told.

What has he done to endear himself to those America-hating self-indulgent immoralists? Why, he's taken all the ugliness out of war. He's elevated missing white girls to the highest pedestal of tragedy in America. He has shown those downer liberal media elites how to make the news bright and cheery, and how to always, always, promote the Bush administration as infallible, even when all the video tells us otherwise.

Rupert Murdoch is responsible for turning news and tele-journalism into a competitive profit-obsessed infotainment music video. The sounds we hear trigger our responses: the ominous tone of the Natalee Holloway theme song, the dramatic bass of the War on Terror soundtrack, all evoke our emotions and cue our responses. No need to listen to some complicated facts - just be worried, or fearful, or heart-bustin' proud! Thinking and reasoning are passe, thanks to Rupe.

Reasoned debates of policies and positions are Olde America. In FOX's Neo-America, may the loudest rudest finger-jabber win! Disagreement with the administration is verboten, and anyone who does not toe the line is "off the charts left', unpatriotic, and even treasonous.

Last but not least, kudoes to Murdoch for bringing familiies together by creating a nationwide epidemic of Adult ADD with all those Fox swishes and eye popping graphics. Now video game addicted children with ADD and their Fox News addicted parents with ADD can save money buying Ritalin in bulk and the drug companies can benefit too. Now that's real innovation.

What a year for Rupert. In July he was the first inductee into the Big Media Hall of Shame and now this. We can't wait to hear his acceptance speech.

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